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    Google Marketing Resources:

    AM What The Heck Is A Tough Drive? (Can Google Really Stop Content Scraping?)

    As a webmaster and e-marketer, article marketing is a vital part of my whole marketing strategy and I have been writing articles for over 6 years. Nothing ticks me off than seeing one of my original articles scraped and mutilated on the web. Yesterday, I came across another example. Read More...


    AM Google's Latest "Content Farm" Panda Update - Here We Go Again

    Google has once again upset many webmasters and site owners in their latest algorithm update, supposedly dealing with the whole issue of "content farms" and "low quality" sites. For those seasoned webmasters and e-marketers who have weathered countless updates from the little search engine that could, its deja vu all over again. Read More...


    AM Google Instant Search - Faster Than The Speed Of Type

    Google has finally gone and done it - raised the speed bar on online search so high other search engines had better catch up or face being completely annihilated. Instant search is not only faster than the speed of type, it probably sets a new higher standard for online search. One that is much quicker and even smarter than the average search user. Read More...


    AM Google Sitemaps Explained ...Three Ways To Index Your Site With Google Sitemaps

    Make sure you're taking advantage of this great program to get your site crawled and indexed by Google whenever you make a change on your site. Read More...


    AM Google's New Search Engine: YouTube

    Figuring out Google's true game plan offers endless amusement for a professional online marketer like myself. Which simply means I use (some unkind people would say manipulate) the search engines to position my sites and keywords in order to earn a very comfortable living from the web, mostly through affiliate marketing. Read More...


    AM Google Mayday Update: A Surgical Cut To Affiliate Long Tail Traffic?

    For any full-time or part-time online affiliate marketer, this May will be remembered for another one of Google's drastic updates to the way it ranks web pages in its popular search engine index. Changes so drastic, for many marketers, May has officially replaced April as the cruelest month of the year, something only Google could do! Read More...


    * Ouch Google! That Panda Bites Something Mean

    * 3 New Upcoming SEO Wildcards You Should Know About

    * Will New Generic Domains Spell Trouble For Google?

    * Google +1 Button - New Ranking Tool You Can't Ignore

    * Google Search Engine

    *MUST READ - Fixing Google's Penguin Penalty

    *How To Get Free Automatic Traffic From Google

    *Does Google PageRank Count Anymore?

    *Google Caffeine: Will Keyworded Domains Inherit The Web?

    *The Best Google Chromebooks

    *Chromebook - The Google Box Cometh

    *Ouch Google That Hurts! How Recent Changes Within Google May Affect Your Rankings

    *If Google Sculpting Is Dead Then SEO Must Be On Life Support

    *Let Google's Algorithm Show You The Traffic

    *10 Steps To Top 10 Rankings In Google

    *10 Most Valuable Free Google Marketing Toolst

    *How To Increase Targeted Web Site Traffic

    *5 Pillars of Google Search - Do You Know Them?

    *Google Marketing - What You Need To Know Before You Get Burnt

    * Google Instant Search - Faster Than The Speed Of Type

    *Google's New Search Engine: YouTube

    * Google Mayday Update: A Surgical Cut To Affiliate Long Tail Traffic?

    * How To Get Free Automatic Traffic From Google

    *Does Google PageRank Count Anymore?

    *New Search Engines - Do We Have A Google Killer?

    *Google Marketing - Search Engine Tactics That Hit The "G" Spot!

    *My Biggest SEO Mistake And How You Can Avoid It

    *What Google Thinks Of Your Site?

    *How I Got 70,000 Useless Visitors To My Site In One Day!

    *Marketing In The Age Of Google

    Solutions To Your Personal & Business Faxing Needs


    AMOnline Fax - Why Paperless Faxing Is Better

    Online fax is paperless faxing because you use your current email system and your web connection to send and receive all your messages. Your faxes are sent as email attachments, usually in a Tiff or Pdf file. You don't need a conventional fax machine, inks, toners or even paper for that matter. Read More...


    AMCompare Online Fax Services Before You Buy

    No matter what product or service you're considering, it is always a wise decision to compare before you buy. The same principle applies to online fax, you should compare online fax services before you buy or make your final decision. This is especially important when you consider such a service or business expense will be an ongoing monthly charge. Read More...


    AMAre Cheap Online Fax Services Worth Using?

    In these uncertain economic times everyone is looking for a bargain, even businesses. One area where many company owners look to save on operating expenses has to do with their communication costs which include their faxing services. Many companies and individuals are trying to find the cheapest faxing service available - but is this a wise business move? Read More...


    AMUse Online Fax To Lower Your Faxing Costs

    Regardless of which business you're operating, cutting down on operating costs is always a major concern. The same goes for all your faxing expenses - any program or system which lowers your monthly costs should be considered. That's where Internet or online fax enters the equation. Read More...


    *Online Fax - Why Has It Become So Popular?

    *Can Online Fax Really Save Me Money?

    *How To Modernize Your Workplace With Online Fax

    *Is Online Fax As Good As A Traditional Fax Machine?

    *Why Your Old Fax Machine Is History?

    *Save Money By Using Online Fax Services

    *Choosing The Right Fax Service

    *Is eFax® Right For Your Business?

    *Do You Really Need Internet Fax?

    *Free Internet Faxing Trial

    *Internet Fax Service Guide

    Affiliate MarketingIs The Apple iPad The Perfect Student Laptop?

    Unless you have been locked away in an underground bunker for the last six months, you will have probably heard about the Apple iPad. This new lightweight portable "slate computer" from Steven Jobs, is viewed by many critics as just an over-sized iPhone suffering from serious delusions of grandeur. Read More...


    AMCheap Gaming Notebooks Which Won't Nuke Your Bank Account

    Once upon a time, buying a superior gaming laptop with all the bells and whistles, meant you had just won the lotto jackpot or had found a way to break into Fort Knox. Not anymore, gaming laptop prices have steadily fallen so much in recent years, that many good quality gaming rigs are just down-right affordable. Read More...


    AMAre E-Readers Obsolete Already?

    E-Readers, also known as digital or electronic readers, allow users to wirelessly download books and read them on hand-held devices which resemble a glorified etch-a-sketch. Well not exactly, but these handy little electronic readers have become very popular, according to a recent article in Time, Amazon has already sold 1.7 million units of their Kindle E-Reader since it was launched in 2007. Read More...


    AMCheap Laptops vs Quality?

    Buying a cheap or inexpensive laptop computer doesn't mean you have to sacrifice on quality. Not by a long shot. Mainly because things have drastically changed in the laptop world. Read More...


    AMAre Netbooks The Perfect Student Laptops?

    Netbooks are everywhere, on buses, on trains, on planes... and in the classroom. It seems the little netbook has come out of nowhere to become extremely popular overnight.

    But what is a netbook?


    *Cheap Laptops vs Quality?

    *Are Netbooks The Perfect Student Laptops?

    *Are E-Readers Obsolete Already?

    *Laptop Buyers Guide - Should You Go With An HDD or SSD?

    *Know The Importance Of Computer Memory (Before Buying Your Next Computer or Laptop)

    *Are Gaming Notebooks A Matter Of Style Over Performance?

    *Overclocking - Higher Laptop Performance For Less Money

    *7 Good Reasons For Buying A Laptop Online

    *Best Laptop Deals

    *Pimped-Out Gaming Rigs! Powerful Gaming Notebooks Built Your Wayp

    *Why Gaming Notebooks Are Hot This Holiday Season

    *Best Gaming Notebooks of 2011

    *MSI Releases New GT780DXR & GT683DXR Gaming Notebooks

    *Gaming Systems: When Is A Laptop Not A Laptop?

    *Practical Laptop Buying Tips

    *Cheap Laptops - Are They Worth The Money?

    *New Laptop Technology

    AMTop 10 Internet Marketers

    While reading an interesting post on Neil Shearing's blog about his top 10 influential old time Internet Marketers, I was struck by how similar it was with my own list. For me this is not so much a list but the marketers who have taught me the most about marketing online. Read More...


    AMTop 10 Most Useful Free Marketing Tools Of 2010

    At the end of the year, everyone is making lists and I thought it would be helpful if I gave you my most useful marketing tools of 2010. All of these are free and there’s no reason why these tools can’t also help your website or your online marketing. Read More...


    AMThe 10 Commandments of Internet Marketing

    Internet marketing is like everything else, there's a wrong way and a right way to do it. After 10 years of marketing online, I would like to believe I have figured out the right way to do all this foolishness, but I could be wrong. Read More...


    AMAdvanced SEO Tactics - How To Combat "Keyword Site Stuffing"

    Just imagine this scenario if you can: "You're a full-time online marketer quietly marketing and ranking high in all the search engines for some very lucrative keywords in several major niche markets on the web. You have been at the top and earning a very healthy income for 5 or 6 years. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a major competitor with very deep pockets, enters your niche market with not one, not two, not three, but with four or more sites targeting your same lucrative keywords!" Read More...


    AM7 Proven Ways To Get Higher Website Conversion Rates

    When it's all said and done, your conversion rate - how effectively you can turn your website traffic or visitor into a sale or lead - will greatly determine how well you succeed in your online marketing. This magic number will obviously play an important role in the profitability of your webpages or site. Read More...


    * Advanced SEO Tactics - How To Combat "Keyword Site Stuffing"

    * 7 Proven Ways To Get Higher Website Conversion Rates

    *Will Google Product Search Kill Affiliate Marketing?

    *Product Launches - Creating The Perfect Sale<

    *Automatic Online Income - Myth or Fact?

    *8 Simple Strategies For Affiliate Marketing Success

    *Top 10 List of the Best Affiliate Networks

    *Take The Slow Road To A Passive Online Income

    *Boost Your Affiliate Sales Programs


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