Google Instant Search - Faster Than The Speed Of Type

Google Instant Search - Faster Than The Speed Of Type

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  • Google has finally gone and done it - raised the speed bar on online search so high other search engines had better catch up or face being completely annihilated. Instant search is not only faster than the speed of type, it probably sets a new higher standard for online search. One that is much quicker and even smarter than the average search user.

    At first, using Google Instant Search does produce strong feelings in the user, not of euphoria or weightlessness as Google suggests, but one of complete surprise and amazement. How can they get this to perform so fast and as if they're reading my mind, but perhaps best of all, it makes online search much easier to do and use. For this reason, Google Instant is definitely a game changer in online search.

    Google Instant is currently being rolled out to those signed into their Google accounts and is available on limited browsers at the moment (Chrome v5/6, Firefox v3, Safari v5 for Mac or Internet Explorer v8) but expect this new instant search to become standard on all Google sites before long. According to Google, users do have the option of turning off Instant Search by "clicking the link next to the search box on any search results page, or by visiting your Preferences page."

    As a full-time online marketer, any changes within Google affects my marketing and income. The introduction of Instant Search will be no exception. Actually, ever since Microsoft introduced Bing and announced its union with Yahoo... Google itself has been put into overdrive, we have seen more changes in the last six months than we have seen in the whole 10 years or so Google has been in business. That's probably a bit of an exaggeration, but it sure feels like Google is changing every millisecond.

    For any webmaster and online marketer those changes not only had to do with how Google ranked web pages and content but more to do with how those listings were offered up to the end user. Google Instant being the latest change which will definitely influence your click-thru rates for your pages in Google.

    I am closely monitoring my web stats, both in my web logs and in Google Adsense, those will give me the first indications of how well my content and sites hold up in Google's new speeded up universe. My impression numbers for Adsense is up slightly but it is too early to tell how this new instant search will perform in this regard. My keyword rankings are holding steady, a few down, others are up. Sales are normal, subscription rates are up slightly... but I did notice my listings in Google for my name "within quotation marks" is way down to about 44,500 results - a few months ago that was up to about 900,000!

    Of course, it will take several days and more likely weeks before enough results are known and the final fallout of Google Instant will become more clearly viewed. Hopefully this new speeded up search will not drastically change Google's listings or what sites users eventually click-thru in the results shown. It may be business as usual for online marketers like me, just a little more faster and speeded up. Will keep you posted...


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