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March 5, 2004 - Co-Registration Services

Co-Registration Services and List Building


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                               March 5, 2004

                               LIST BUILDING HELP. What Works; What Doesn't Work.

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                               1 - Co-Registration Services - Should you Use Them?

                               2 - The Spam Gods Are Not Happy.

                               Co-Registration Services - Should you Use Them?

                               In writing my simple toolkit and putting out this 
                               newsletter on list building each week - I have 
                               looked at countless ways of building an opt-in list.
                               There's one area that I usually shy away from -
                               Co-Registration Services. 

                               Now this is NOT the co-registration method that I
                               explained in last week's Newsletter; where two website 
                               owners make a deal and display each other's subscription 
                               forms on their sites.

                               For example, a website on How to sell antiques would place
                               an additional sign-up form on his/her site for a website on
                               How to Find antiques - and vice-versa.

                               Rather these are names gathered from High Traffic sites,
                               where people have opted-in to a list. They have given
                               permission to be contacted on a certain topic - say
                               internet marketing.

                               Internet marketers buy the right to contact these people
                               who have opted-in. Don't get the wrong impression - these 
                               are not harvested names - taken illegally by software/robots
                               roaming the net.
                               They are legit?

                               But the Big Issue here is Spam. You have to be very careful
                               in using co-registration services. Like anything on the
                               net - some are very reputable; others less so.

                               If you do use these kinds of services - make sure you have an
                               'unsubscribe' link in every e-mail; offer some valuable information
                               and don't mail these contacts too often.
                               If you're interested in using this kind of service to kick-start
                               your 'opt-in list' or ezine;  there is one site run by 
                               NitroListBuilder.com that you should have a look at.

                               To give you more information on how these co-registration
                               services work I have included an article by Willie Crawford.

                               If you haven't heard of Willie Crawford - your Marketing
                               Education is missing one important factor! Maybe, he's
                               not as 'well known' as some of the other so-called gurus 
                               but he offers good, down to earth, practical advice.
                               I have been reading his ezine and visiting his forum for
                               years. He's one of those marketers I alway recommend to 
                               my lists -  but judge for yourself by reading his article 


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The Spam Gods are NOT Happy Just as a side note - the days of spam may just be numbered! Microsoft, AOL and Yahoo are scrambling to put out new identity authentication software in their email clients or systems. Basically, making sure 'who' is actually sending you an email. To read more on this subject try this CNN article: https://www.cnn.com/2004/TECH/internet/02/27/email.origins.ap/ Why didn't someone think of this before? Actually, someone did! Revolution Email has been around for a while. I have been keeping my eye on it for some time. Don't know if they will have the resources to be able to compete with the 'Big Boys' but I always root for the little guys! `````````` To your list building success Kind Regards, Titus Titus Hoskins www.bizwaremagic.com "You can have everything in life you want if you'll just help enough other people to get what they want!" - Zig Ziglar. 4 Tower Road, St. Alban's, Nl,A0H 2E0 -------~~~~~====={Opt-in News}=====~~~~~------ Get a Step-by-Step Guide that will show you How to Start, Build & Manage your own Opt-In List! Click Here: www.bizwaremagic.com ----~~~~~======{@}======~~~~~----- If you found this Newsletter Helpful - why not subscribe. You will also receive a free list Building eCourse to get you started. Plus, all subscribers receive a Free Copy of BizWare Magic's Opt-in Email Tool@Kit. Handy Tips, Links and Resources for building your list. Strict Privacy Policy.

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