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Nov. 20, 2003 - Lead Capture Pages and Pop-ups

Lead Capture Pages and Pop-Ups. Masterytv - Yet Again

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                      To Your List Building Success

                      Nov.20, 2003

                      LIST BUILDING HELP! What Works; What Doesn't Work

                      Hello everyone, and a Warm Welcome to all 
                      new subscribers.

                      Lead Capture Pages and Pop-Ups

                      If I had to pick the most important factor in the building 
                      of my list - I would have to say - it's due mainly to 
                      the humble 'pop-up'.

                      A close second would have to be the Lead Capture Page or pages.

                      First, lets take a look at the simple 'pop-up'.

                      Quite recently, I make some changes with my site that proved 
                      to me how effective pop-ups are in getting subscribers.

                      Couple of weeks ago, I put Google Adsense on my pages
                      - one of their conditions - you can't have too many
                      pop-ups on your site. So I removed all the pop-ups.

                      My subscriber sign-up rate took a nose-dive.

                      To get around this problem - I designed some lead 
                      capture pages that do have 'pop-ups' but don't have
                      the Adsense code.

                      My rates are going back up.

                      If you're not using a 'pop-up' I would suggest you use one.

                      If you don't have a pop-up maker - just go to
                      and click on 'free webmaster resources'.
                      I use an exit pop-up that only loads once as the visitor
                      leaves. It's one last chance to keep 'in contact' with
                      my visitors or customers. 
                      The soul purpose of my 'pop-up' is to get the contact
                          information from my visitor. It is not used to sell anything
                          or  direct people to another site - I use them only to 
                          capture the e-mail information.

                      As an incentive, I offer my f'ree Opt-in Tool@Kit as
                      a bonus for signing up to my ezine. But you can use any
                      f'ree report ( The Paul Myers one I mentioned last
                      week is very good.Viral Case Study)

                      Or just use any high quality ebook as your sign-up 
                      Taking an idea from Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian
                      from the Ezine Marketing Center. 

                      He runs e-mail campaigns where he offers bonuses or
                      Super Gifts for 12 days in a row! Ezine Anti-Marketing.

                      I have designed a new lead capture page that offers
                      not one 'sign-up' bonus gift but a whole series of
                      high quality gifts that's delivered over a two week

                      All these bonuses deal with list building i.e. how
                      to build your list. My target market.

                      You can view it here  if you want to take a look.
                      List Blitz.

                      These bonuses can be duplicated - anyone can set up the 
                      same system and build their own lists faster.

                      First impressions - this page is working very well.

                      However, only time will tell. My experience tells me
                      - these lead pages are like  banners - you have to 
                      design a whole range of them and rotate them from
                      time to time.

                      If you don't have a special lead capture page,
                      I suggest you try one for your list or ezine.

                      Don't forget to add a pop-up.

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                      Oh no, not AGAIN

                      Once or twice throughout the year I get
                      so much 'Buzz' about one particular program
                      that I have to make special announcements
                      to my list. I first told you about this one
                      on Oct.24! Keep this in mind.

                      This 'Buzz' is coming mostly from contacts with 
                      very big lists.

                      Some background on how I pick the programs
                      I promote.
                      Just to keep in touch with what's happening
                      I am subscribed to 100's of top marketers.

                      These marketers have thousands of programs
                      or products they can market. I usually cross-
                      reference to see which products are being
                      recommended the most and by whom.

                      Of course, no recommendation beats the actual
                      using of a product and experiencing it firsthand.
                      For example, I recommend GetResponse  because 
                      it's the AutoResponder that I use and like. 

                      I don't need anyone else telling me it's one of the
                      best online AR's you can have. I can see it for myself. 

                      All this aside, when a new program comes along,
                      and the product has not yet been tested. I look
                      more to who is promoting it - than the product

                      This is the case with MasteryTV.

                      Like I said - I am getting a lot of buzz
                      about this one.

                      Here's a few comments:

                      "...You probably know that Mastery Television 
                      is currently in pre-launch but I don't think
                      you knew that your position in the matrix
                      will be determined by WHEN you registered.
                      Your position will be Time and Date stamped
                      so the sooner you secure a position the better
                      position you will have when it launches in
                      less than 2 weeks."
                      "...It doesn't even really matter WHO you join under 
                      but it does matter WHEN. They have a system that
                      is recording the exact micro-second you register 
                      and your position is determined accordingly."
                      If there was ever a time to ACT it is NOW.


                      "...Those who are connected to you in our pre-
                      affiliate database right now will be connected 
                      to you FOREVER.  In other words, RIGHT NOW you 
                      are building a business from which you will be 
                      earning an ongoing income, every month, for the 
                      LIFETIME of everyone's subscription to Mastery TV." 

                             Here's the link:

                      Anyway, I hope you will check this one out. It doesn't
                      matter who you join up under - as long as you join.


                      To your list building success.

                      Kind Regards,

                      Titus Hoskins

                      "Whether you think that you can, or that you can't, 
                       you are usually right."  - Henry Ford (1863-1947) 


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