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Neil Shearing

Neil Shearing was one of first marketers I encountered on the Web. First Time Lucky - I guess. In my opinion, he is one of the best all-around-marketers on the Web.

Neil is also one of the most intelligent marketers you will probably come across on the net. Ask anyone? His main site is ScamFreeZone.com.

One of Neil's major products is the 'Internet Success Spider' - a handy piece of software that finds links related to your site. Type in an url or keyword and it churns out the top related sites with their contact e-mail information. Perfect for making first contact and building links.

Give you an example how I use it on a regular basis - just this week I was using this software to find a list of 'free ebook directories' - one of the top 100 that popped up was 'ebookdirectory'. I go to the link, submitted my Free BizWare's Opt-in Tool@Kit and that link resulted in 19 subscribers to my ezine in one day alone!

I also use this desktop application to keep track of my sites and keywords rankings. Highly Recommended.

Excellent Associate Program Neil Shearing and Kathy Burns (Affiliate Relations) run a very professional affiliate program. They put out timely newsletters with informative and helpful marketing tactics. First class marketing training for Free. I highly recommend it.

For those interested in Internet Marketing - I would suggest you check out Neil's Other products:

Internet Success Blueprint Just starting out - this product will guide you to Internet Success.

Internet Success Diamonds Success stories.

Internet Success Spider

Great 'link making' software.

Internet Success Interviews

Interviews with successful marketers.

Yahoo Exposed

All you wanted to know about Yahoo - but were afraid to ask!

The ScamFree Associate Program

Better Yet - why not become an affiliate yourself. Recruit other affiliates and make 10% of every sale they make.

Neil Shearing also operates a private site and forum where some of the top internet marketers hang out. Unfortunately, this is a paid site (the price of success I guess!) but it's well worth the money if you're looking for a first class 'internet marketing education'.

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