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The Power of LISTS! Rankings Revealed - How to Top the Search Engines

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Oct.3, 2003


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LIST BUILDING HELP. What Works; What Doesn't Work

This week's feature:


What is it about lists?

From a very early age lists have always fascinated me.

I can remember reading and enjoying in the late '70's the Monumental PEOPLE'S ALMANAC Book of Lists by Amy and Irving Wallace.

Offering such useless information as Vincent Price's 10 favorite dinner guests from all history? Socrates to Tallulah Bankhead.

But it still fascinated me. I read it cover to cover - several times.

Over the years; other lists have fascinated me.

Whenever I see the Forbes 400 list of the richest people - I can't help but read it.

Are you the same way?

Do you find yourself watching David Letterman just for his Top Ten Lists!

I have often wondered if there isn't some innate genetic code in 'humans' that makes us want to classify things/people/events.

Is there an innate predisposition in us that makes us want to put things in order?

Or maybe it has more to do with our understanding the world around us.

Lists are precise.
Lists are informative.
Lists are easy to read.

Lists are tailor made for the internet.

Web Surfers are impatient when looking for information. They want to find information fast and easy.

Lists fulfill this function perfectly.

I have noticed a lot of websites are using Lists as a marketing strategy. Their major products are listed in 'top 10 format'.

On the advice of Sean Burns (SEO expert on Google - Author of the excellent Rankings Revealed - see below) I have also re-arranged my product listings on my site. Similar to what he has done with his site.

Lists make it easy for customers to browse your site quickly and efficiently.

They are a smart way of getting your visitor's attention and pulling them into the content areas of your site.

Whatever it is about lists - they do have power.

For example, I wrote a whole Tool Kit on List Building but will people read all of it - probably NOT!

But most will read my Top Ten ways to build your list - summarizing the book.

Top Ten Ways to Power Build Your List

1. Create an ebook, software, report, etc. to offer as a sign-up bonus. Or offer a free service - Mark Joyner (Remember Him!) added 17,000+ in one day with a search engine form/submission. Basically, anything free (screensavers,scripts,banners,etc) will get you targeted subscribers.

My ToolKit is bringing in extra subscribers. It Works.

2. Target the Search Engines with an "opt-in" page on your site. This works for me - almost 100% of the visitors coming from Google searching 'how to build your own opt-in list' subscribe to my list. The marketing power of these engines are sometimes underestimated.

3. Don't forget to put a subscribe form or pop-up on every page of your site.

4. Try SubscriptionRocket - they are having database problems but it seems to be fixed - almost 1,000,000 subscribers have been delivered so far. Works the best of any of these 'third party sites' I have tried.

5. Buy 'Em - Try Pushbuttonleads, TrafficOasis, NetProfitLeads.

6. Try hitting the 'clickthru traffic' sites with an email capturing page. Do your filtering/marketing thru your AR's.

7. Try hitting the online safelists Business World List, Herculist Adtactics, Safelister, etc. Emailing 100,000 every 48 hours with a good sales letter will get you prospects.

8. Try a 'Side Opt' such as $1.67 Aday working the (Juvio Matrix) or Seven Deadly Sins of Internet Marketing (Ce-int Hosting Service). These simple business models builds your opt-in list on the side!

9. Start a Traffic Exchange! Memberships in the good ones are in the 100,000's - at their height it was not uncommon to get 1000 - 5000 members each week. Mostly thru viral marketing.

10. Post Top Ten List (How to build your list) on all the Marketing Forums. One posting this week on Tony Blake's Forum resulted in 9 new subscribers in five or six hours - this forum is very popular and very fast; your post moves down the board very quickly - so you have to keep posting your links.

Of course, it needs repeating, the most powerful list you will probably ever build is your own Opt-in List! It can be your key to online success. Start it, Grow it, Nurture it.

I have a funny feeling it will also become your favorite List.

Hope this information was of some help to you.

To your list building success.

Kind Regards

Titus Hoskins

"People who ask our advice almost never take it. Yet we should never refuse to give it, upon request, for it often helps us to see our own way more clearly." Brendan Francis

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