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Jan. 30, 2004 - How to Get Google to Build Your List

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                      Jan. 30, 2004

                      Warm welcome to all new subscribers.

                      Using Search Engines to Build Your List.

                      Google has danced again.

                      Actually, it's more like a major update.

                      If you have a web site - chances are - you're  
                      also keeping your eye on Google.

                      For those not following the Search Engines - Google
                      has become 'the' Search Tool that most surfers use
                      to find what they're looking for on the internet.

                      Getting a first page listing of your url (site) on
                      Google can make or break your marketing efforts.

                      Get enough keywords listed and the traffic from
                      Google or the other search engines ( Yahoo, MSN 
                      Inktomi, etc. ) will build your list for you 
                      very quickly.  

                      Just put a 'subscribe box' on your site - offer a 
                      good quality free gift to entice your visitors to 
                      subscribe and just watch the numbers roll in.

                      I have also found it helpful if you put a link to
                      a sampling of your newsletter just below the 
                      subscribe box.

                      Search Engines bring you traffic - then let your
                      site and it's contents  entice visitors to sign
                      up to your list or ezine.

                      Because all this traffic is targeted - you get
                      subscribers who are interested in your site and
                      it's contents.

                      Now back to the Dance.

                      If you have no idea what the Google Dance is
                      you can visit this link which shows the different
                      servers for Google.

                      When Google dances - the listings on these different
                      servers - go up and down. Like a dance!

                      Last November Google did a major update of their
                      algorithm. The mathematical code they use to rank sites.
                      Many webmasters lost their first page rankings.

                      That one was called the 'Florida Update' - and it
                      didn't hurt my 'keywords' rankings. Unfortunately, 
                      I cannot say the say for the latest  so called
                      'Austin' Update.

                      My key phrase 'opt in list building' was ranked 4th 
                      or 5th in Google before the update. Now it's zapped 
                      into cyberspace.

                      I also lost some marketing keywords as well. ;-(

                      It's important because lost traffic means lost subscribers;
                      not to mention lost revenue from your site.

                      The Good News - many of November's changes are now back
                      to their 'pre' update positions. Let's hope the same 
                      happens for this update.

                      What does all this have to do with me - you ask? 
                      Why should you be concerned?


                      If you're trying to build a web site or online business
                      - the search engines will play a major factor in your
                      success or failure.

                      It will also play a major role in how fast you grow your
                      list or ezine base.

                      It also means if you're just beginning - you have to 
                      start with the right foundation.

                      That foundation is 'content'.

                      Most people using the internet are looking for
                      high quality content.

                      Give them this 'content' and you will be a success.

                      Build a high quality content site and the search
                      engines will supply you with all the subscribers you
                      will ever need. Google, Yahoo, etc. will build your
                      list for you!

                      But How do you Build a High Quality Site?

                      Here's one of the best tips I ever put into this ezine.

                      Ken Evoy and Site Build It!

                      SBI has a well earned reputation for building the best
                      content sites on the net. Their whole site building 
                      system is based on providing high quality content.

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