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Nov. 28, 2003 - Making your List Building Viral

Making Your List Building Viral...*101 Super Tips*

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                      Nov.28, 2003

                      LIST BUILDING HELP. What Works; What Doesn't Work.

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                                            GOING VIRAL

                      Main Feature:

                      Making Your List Building Viral

                      One of the major factors in the building of
                      any opt-in e-mail list or subscriber base is 
                      the 'viral effect'.

                      How can you make your list viral?

                      How can you get other marketers and list builders
                      to help you build your list!

                      How do you get it to take on a life of it's own and 
                      build under it's own steam.

                      How can you get your website links/affiliate ID's/subscribe 
                      box onto the internet so that they build and expand 
                      without any work from you - other than setting up a 

                      Basically, in my opinion, it all comes down to having
                      your name/list/affiliate ID's attached to a high quality 
                      information product.

                      People will want to download this quality product and
                      past it along to their friends and subscribers.

                      Usually, there's a strong incentive for them to do so,
                      whether it be economic, relationship building or just
                      plain human nature - if we discover something great or very
                      helpful we like to pass it along.
That's one of the reason why: "The fastest way to build your list has always been producing your own viral ebook, service, software, etc." If you're not at that stage - most of us are not - where you can write or produce your own viral ebook or software; the second best thing you can do is to attach your name or links to someone else's product. I am constantly on the lookout for new high quality products that I can attach my name to and pass along. I search the internet, newsgroups, business forums, and my network contacts for new viral products. To explain what I mean - I will pass along two great viral products that I have found. The first viral product is tied in with ClickBank. It's an autoresponder course or e-mail series produced by Rick Davies and his brother Ron. It's linked to their 1stPromotion.com site which promotes ClickBank. ClickBank is an affiliate system that sells downloadable information products, ebooks, software, etc.
BizWare Magic's Recommended Solutions......
How does ClickBank Work? - Try this e-course by Rick Davies from 1stPromotion.com. If you want to discover all about
ClickBank - try Rick's course. 1stpromotion.com
Within seconds, you can have your own name or ClickBank nickname attached to this e-course. Then pass it along to your friends or list. Here's the link if you want to try it: 1stpromotion.com The second viral product is *101 Super Tips* by Harvey Segal. In many years of marketing I have examined countless free resources but this ebook is ranked at the top of my list. It's the best free 'Internet Marketing Primer' I could find. This ebook will give you all the basics.
BizWare Magic's Recommended Solutions......
How does Internet Marketing Work? - Try this Free Ebook *101 Super Tips* by Harvey Segal. If you're New to Internet
Marketing - and want to find out how it works - this ebook will give you all the basics. *101 Super Tips*
You can Rebrand this ebook with your ClickBank nickname or ID. Plus, you can put a whole page of your own information at the front of book. Don't forget to add a link to your list or ezine. https://www.bizwaremagic.com/101tips.exe If you're not producing your own viral e-products - try the next best thing. Try attaching your name to some very good high quality products like those I have just mentioned. It takes very little time and the benefits can last for years. Explore the real power of the internet - make your list viral. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In the same light - I am working on a more viral 'rebrandable' version of my own Opt-in ToolKit - it will let my subscribers put their name/links/ezine on every page. Plus other 'rebrandable' links and resources. Give you more reasons to pass it along. Hope to have it out before xmas. More information on this next week. Until then, thank you for reading this. To your list building success. Kind Regards, Titus Hoskins www.bizwaremagic.com Everyone is trying to accomplish something big, not realizing that life is made up of little things. --Frank A. Clark ********************************************** Get a Step-by-Step Guide that will show you How to Start, Build & Manage your own Opt-In List! Click Here: www.bizwaremagic.com ********************************************** If you found this Newsletter Helpful - why not subscribe! You will also receive a free list Building eCourse to get you started. Plus, all subscribers receive a Free Copy of BizWare Magic's Opt-in Email Tool@Kit. Handy Tips, Links and Resources for building your list. Strict Privacy Policy.

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