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Jan. 16, 2004 - The 'HOT LIST'

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                      Jan. 16, 2004

                      Warm welcome to all new subscribers.

                      NEW CAN-SPAM LAWS

                      If you missed last week's issue on the
                      New Spam Laws - you can check it out here:
                      New Spam Laws 

                      THE HOT LIST!

                      I waited until the new year to start a new
                      section for my website and ezine.

                      Like most of you, I come across and examine 
                      hundreds of new marketing products each month.

                      I get these products from my contacts, forums, 
                      ezines I am subscribed to, etc.

                      The ones I use/review or examine closely will be
                      listed on my site and in this ezine.

                      These are products (in my opinion) that are worth noting 
                      and passing along to my visitors and subscribers.
                      I am a perfectionist! So you can be assured the products 
                      making this 'List' will be of high quality. I will also 
                      be listing products that are 'inventive' and 'creative'.

                      As you probably know by now - I have a thing about Lists.

                      Read all about my fetish here: Something about Lists! 

                      I will call this my 'HOT LIST' - a list of really good
                      bargains, products or techniques you should check out.

                      I am constructing such a List for several reasons:
                      the obvious one - I want something of value to pass
                      along to my subscribers. And if you find anything
                      worthwhile - you can pass it along to your list.
                      But I am doing it mainly to get my site indexed daily
                      by the search engines!

                      On the advice of Sean Burns, (SEO expert that I have
                      mentioned often) who suggests you should
                      update your site each day in order for it to be indexed
                      by the googlebot immediately.

                      You have to add fresh content every day or so for the
                      search engines to index new pages on your site instantly.

                      By indexing and having your pages listed immediately 
                      you can produce a lot of affiliate sales - especially
                      with a new popular product.

                      So I am creating the 'HOT LIST' - listing as quickly
                      as possible - new hot products in the marketing field.

                      Here's some examples of what's on the 'HOT LIST'

                      Corey Rudl

                      One of the best - a great offer from Corey Rudl.

                      He's offering to send you a 30-Day Trial Copy of 
                      his 433-page "Insider Secrets to E-mail 
                      Marketing -- Advanced Series" eBook...

                      ... for only ONE DOLLAR!

                      He'll include:

                      - His entire 433-page eBook that contains all his most 
                      lucrative e-mail marketing strategies and all his hard-won 
                      test results and research... for only a dollar for 30 days! 
                      - PLUS $408 worth of bonuses... yours to keep even
                      if you return the trial eBook! 

                      Here's your chance to learn 'list building' from one
                      the top marketers on the net. The offer is only good until
                      '31st. Don't let this one pass!


                      This product is from Jeff Mulligan of MyMarketingIdeas.com. 
                      Jeff has created a way to make money from people leaving 
                      your site!

                      The idea for SearchFeast came as a result of a comment
                      made by John Reese at a seminar.

                      "Try to find a way to make money from the people leaving 
                      your site." 

                      Jeff has combined Clickbank and a search page that pops-up as
                      visitors are leaving your site. This search page has a nice
                      'viral' element to it. 

                      It can be best explained by looking at an example:


                      Affiliates Alert

                      Don't know if you're into affiliate marketing but
                      if you are - there's a great piece of free software 
                      that will help you.

                      It's called 'Affiliates Alert' by Maayan Marzan.
                      It helps you find

                      -- New affiliate products
                      -- Ranking history of these products - what's selling; what's not
                      -- Find products for specific keywords or from a certain niche 
                      -- Shows you the affiliate margin/what you'll earn from each sale
                      -- Give you immediate access to the affiliate's sales page

                      You can freely distribute this software to your
                      list or offer it as a free bonus to get subscribers 
                      to your list.

                     Until next week - here's to
                     your list building success.

                     Kind Regards,


                     Titus Hoskins
                     4 Tower Road, St. Alban's
                     Nl, A0H 2E0

                     "When someone hands you their business card, write a short 
                      note on the back to help you remember that person."-- Corey Citron 

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