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Feb. 5, 2004 - How to Build a Web Business Site

Building a Web Business Site

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                                                                   Feb. 5, 2004
                                                                   Warm welcome to all new subscribers.

                                                                   Hi Everyone, 

                                                                   The original idea for this newsletter was to
                                                                   try and help people build their own opt-in
                                                                   email contact list.

                                                                   The more I researched the techniques, programs
                                                                   and ways of building your list - one fact or factor
                                                                   kept popping up.

                                                                   ** You need a successful Web Site **

                                                                   If you have a successful web site - one that is
                                                                   getting plenty of visitors - building your list
                                                                   will be the easy part.

                                                                   But it's not just a matter of building a web site
                                                                   (slapping some html together and posting it on the net)
                                                                   - rather it's about building a web business.

                                                                   I am assuming that you're building your list to 
                                                                   provide yourself with a little extra income.

                                                                   Then you need not only to build a web site but you 
                                                                   have to build a Web Business!

                                                                   How do you do that?

                                                                   Keep reading....

                                                                   This Week's Feature 

                                                                   The Best Way to Build a Web Business

                                                                   For most people the first obstacle to overcome in 
                                                                   building an online business starts at the very beginning. 

                                                                   ____ How to build a web site? 

                                                                   Even for the most ambitious - learning html, dealing with 
                                                                   hosting companies, getting a domain name, all the technical 
                                                                   stuff - can take way too much time to learn.

                                                                   Of course, you can hire someone to design and build your 
                                                                   site for you. But hiring outside people to build your web 
                                                                   site can easily cost you thousands of dollars.

                                                                   Your only solution - you have to build your own site.

                                                                   Unfortunately, there's one major drawback  - if you don't avoid it
                                                                   - you will be making the same mistake thousands of unsuccessful
                                                                   online businesses are already making.

                                                                   Building a web site will not create a web business 
                                                                   - unless you build it right.
                                                                   A web site without traffic or visitors is useless. No matter how 
                                                                   good the design or copy - you will have no means of making 
                                                                   money from it. It is a major factor you must consider before 
                                                                   you start.

                                                                   Until recently, building a web site that's also a web business
                                                                   - one that will bring in traffic and visitors
                                                                   - one that's optimized to rank high in the search engines
                                                                   - one that has all the tools to succeed
                                                                   - one that's of a high professional quality
                                                                   would cost you a small fortune just to get started.

                                                                   Now, there's a great solution!                      
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