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TOP 10 Resources for Building Your Optin List or Ezine

Have you started your List yet?

If you want to succeed and build a profitable internet or home business - you should be building that list.

If you want to reach and connect with as many of your website's visitors as possible - you should be building that list.

If you're into internet marketing to any degree at all - you should be building that list as fast as you can.

Have you Hit a roadblock. Stalled.

Don't know where to start? Just can't get the subscribers you want? Are you Dazed and Confused by all the 'opt-in' jargon?

When I first started building my list or ezine subscriber base I was totally 'in the dark'- that's using a kind phrase for the confusion I felt. We all have been there! Done That.

Just wish someone would have magically come along and said: "This is how you build your List and these are the tools your need to build it."

Unlike me, you may be in luck.

If you're reading this (guess you are) - you will see the tools that you need and what you have to set up in order for you to build your opt-in list or ezine in an almost painless manner

Here are the resources I eventually used to build my list. Without them, building my list would have been much slower and a bigger hassle than it should have been - I hope they will be as helpful to you with your list building.

Here they are:

1. AutoResponder - Your number one Tool that you will need. I use GetResponse - one of the oldest and most reliable autoresponders you will ever find.

What is an Autoresponder? Basically, works like a fax message on demand. It's pre-loaded with your messages - when someone fills out a form on your site and submits their information; an e-mail is automatically sent to them and their name is collected in your database.

2. List Mailer - Second most important Tool you will need. To send out your ezine or mail to your list. Try a free one - Group Mail from: https://www.infacta.com

3. Pop-up Maker - Putting a pop-up on your website will build your list much faster. Some people see a 50% or more increase in sign-ups. If you don't have a pop-up maker - just go to https://www.imagicor.com and click on 'free webmaster resources'.

4. 15 Free Ezine Templates - These Templates can be automatically branded with your own information - will save you a lot of time! You can download it here: https://www.bizwaremagic.com/iet.exe

5. SpamChecker - Filtering by the mail handlers and ISPs is becoming a big problem - use this SpamChecker to increase your chances of getting your legitimate mail to your subscribers.

6. Ezine Marketing Center - One of the best online ezine resources run by Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian. https://www.ezinemarketingcenter.com

7. EzineAnnouncer - Great resource for getting your ezine out there. www.ezineannouncer.com

8. Note Tab Lite - Good text editor to design your ezine! This is one of the best - strips html code, gives word count, etc. Invaluable. Free copy here: www.notetab.com

9. ShortKeys - Another great time saver that will allow you to get your ezine out on time! Great for submitting all your ezine information. Let's you print data ( from an e-mail address to whole articles) with a few strokes. Free copy here: www.shortkeys.com/lite.htm

10. BizWare Magic's Opt-in Tool@Kit - If you're just starting out and find the information above confusing or if you found it worthwhile and want more of the same! - you can download my Opt-in Tool@Kit. It provides step-by-step details on how to build a list. Plus, it's also constantly being updated with more and more list building information. Grab a Free copy here: https://www.bizwaremagic.com

That's all folks.

Now you have no excuse not to start building that list today. Just start with number one or number ten.

Hey - it's practically done for you.

Get Cracking.

Copyright Titus Hoskins 2003


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