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Feb. 20, 2004 - Affiliate Page Creator

Using Affiliate Programs to Build your List...



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                               Feb. 20, 2004

                               LIST BUILDING HELP. What Works; What Doesn't Work.

                               Hello everyone, and a Warm Welcome to all 
                               new subscribers.

                              How to use Affiliate Programs to Build your List.

                              Obviously, if you have your own product - starting
                              your own affiliate program is an easy way to build 
                              your contact list. If you have a 'hot product' - you 
                              can have a whole army of affiliates selling your product
                              and bringing in new affiliates and customers.
                              Building a large contact list can virtually happen

                              But what if you don't have your own product to
                              market and are promoting some of the thousands
                              of other good affiliate programs that are out there.

                              How do you build your list using someone else's 
                              affiliate program?


                              You create a landing page or affiliate page for
                              the product or program that you're promoting!

                              Instead of directly linking to your affiliate
                              ID or URL - you create a little detour.

                              You direct your traffic or advertising to a
                              simple page offering a free offer (report, ebook,
                              or gift) that's related to the affiliate product.

                              Your visitor signs up to your list to get
                              this free gift then they're directed to your 
                              affiliate url.

                              You now have their contact information - you
                              can even set up follow-up AR messages for the
                              affiliate product you're promoting.

                              Remember, it usually takes 5 or 7 follow-ups
                              for most customers to buy.

                              Actually, smart marketers do this for EVERY
                              affiliate product their promote. Regardless of 
                              whether or not the affiliate owner is doing the
                              same thing.

                              This is one of those little tricks that can
                              pay off big time.  For even if your traffic
                              or visitors never buy the affiliate products
                              - they are still on your contact list.

                              Do this for all your affiliate programs and
                              your list will grow very quickly.

                              It does take a little work to construct
                              a landing page or lead capture page but
                              it's well worth it.

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Or try Marlon Sanders' software below: If you want to see an example of how this works. Here's one. For some time I have been promoting a neat little hosting/marketing package from CEINT. It's a great inexpensive 'Starter Kit' for anyone wanting to market online. It's comes with unlimited AR's, hosting, forum, community, and lots of free ebooks to use as bonuses on your landing pages! But instead of directly sending my traffic or visitors to CEINT - I send them here. It offers a free report and a simple marketing system that will also help them build their list as they market this hosting product. People sign up to receive this free report and information. I get a chance to market The CEINT Package in my autoresponder follow up messages. I also build my list in the process. So if you're marketing affiliate program and spending money on advertising; create a few landing or lead capture affiliate pages - just because you're promoting someone else's affiliate program - doesn't mean you can't take full advantage of this marketing opportunity. Build your list by promoting affiliate programs. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kind Regards, Titus Titus Hoskins www.bizwaremagic.com Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will. -- Dean Naylor 4 Tower Road, St. Alban's, Nl,A0H 2E0 -------~~~~~====={Opt-in News}=====~~~~~------ Get a Step-by-Step Guide that will show you How to Start, Build & Manage your own Opt-In List! Click Here: www.bizwaremagic.com ----~~~~~======{@}======~~~~~----- If you found this Newsletter Helpful - why not subscribe. You will also receive a free list Building eCourse to get you started. Plus, all subscribers receive a Free Copy of BizWare Magic's Opt-in Email Tool@Kit. Handy Tips, Links and Resources for building your list. Strict Privacy Policy.

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