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Oct.30, 2003 - HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Alexa Toolbar, ShortKeys and Other Treats...

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                      Oct.30, 2003

                      HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

                      Keeping this newsletter very short and sweet. 
                      I am also putting it out early - will be busy 
                      Friday nite passing out treats to the neighborhood 

                      Don't know what it's about Halloween but it 
                      always puts me in a good mood. Must be all those 
                      distant memories of all that candy.

                      HERE'S MY LIST OF TREATS

                      These are f ree programs, software, products 
                      that I find most helpful.

                   1. CrazyBrowser! Don't know what I would do without
                      this one. Lets you browse in multi-windows without 
                      freezing up. Also stops most of those annoying 
                      pop-ups. Great for posting to all the different 
                      forums at once.   www.crazybrowser.com

                   2. ShortKeys.  Do all those repetitive tasks with a 
                      few strokes. From an e-mail address to whole articles
                      with a few strokes. Great time saver.

                   3. Mailwasher. Free program that will cut down on all those
                      e-mails you don't want.

                   4. NoteTab Lite. Award winning text editor - One of the best I
                      have ever used!

                   5. 15 F ree Ezine Templates. One of the most popular downloads
                      from my site. Had to put it here again!!

                   6. Wordtracker.  Gives you the keywords most used by
                      surfers - this one has been invaluable in targeting the
                      right keywords for my site. I even use it now to get 
                      the most popular keywords for my articles.

                     AND ONE TRICK! 

                   7. Alexa Toolbar.  Toolbar is loaded with great info for
                      marketers about the sites you visit - where it ranks,
                      contact info and it even shows the number of links the
                      site has.
                      There's a little trick to this one - I Found this out 
                      from Phil Wiley.

                      "You can GIVE it away to your web site visitors 
                      and make money from it because when people download 
                      it via your link YOUR Amazon affiliate ID is embedded 
                      into the toolbar. Alexa is an Amazon company."

                      Want to see what I mean, click on this link



                     Kind Regards,

                     Titus Hoskins

                    "Candy, Candy, Candy, Candy, Candy"  Garfield - Halloween Show!

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