How To Get Free Automatic Traffic From Google
A close look at how one experienced web marketer gets tons of free
automatic traffic from Google.

Titus Hoskins

My name is and I am an artist, writer and webmaster. I am also a former art teacher who has been a full-time Online Professional Marketer for the last 8 years. is my main website, but I have many more. You can follow me on Twitter, Linkedin and Google+.

Google Spot! How To Get Free Automatic Traffic From Google (With Lots of Hard Work On Your Part!) Copyright 2010 Titus Hoskins Don't quite exactly know what it is about the web, but everybody wants everything without even lifting a finger. The 'Something for Nothing' mentality is running rampant. As if the web actually owes you traffic just because you can throw a few HTML pages together and host them on the Internet. Or maybe we have all been brain-washed by the so-called marketing gurus who promise instant success by doing the least amount of work possible. The four-hour-week fanatics who have far too many people believing operating a website or online business is a new minimalist artform. For me, just the opposite has been true, it takes a lot of hard work to create all that automatic traffic and all those automatic revenue streams on the web. Sure it can be done, but it takes a little work to set it all up. Maybe I am just a slow-learner rather than the realist I believe I am, but you should be prepared to do some work if you want all that free traffic from Google. Besides, we can only go by our own experiences, for me and most webmasters, getting traffic is the hardest part of online marketing. Always has been and probably always will be the most difficult hurdle to overcome. Now, I run around 9 or 10 sites on the web and over the years I have figured out a few things about online traffic and what it takes for me to get targeted traffic to my sites. First, on almost all my sites, Google supplies 80% of the traffic so I concentrate most of my marketing and traffic building methods towards Google. Now there are tons of other ways to get quality traffic on the web - social networks, videos, affiliates, blogs... but from the beginning I have designed all my sites around getting traffic from Google. This is probably the wrong marketing strategy since you're basically putting all your eggs in the one basket and Google has a long history of making basket cases of webmasters/marketers who have found themselves on the wrong side of Google's many Algorithm updates and changes. Just one of these things you have to accept if this is the marketing route you take, but I find visitors coming from Google already have a lot of respect for your content or site - simply because people trust Google to deliver quality traffic to them. In Google we trust. You must understand, the main reason why I can get traffic from Google is because I have both optimized my site's content to match what Google users want and I have built backlinks to this content. I just don't sit around and wait for the traffic to come to my site - I go out and make the traffic happen. I do active keyword content building and active link building. I build keyword content and I create backlinks to this keyword content on my site in order to get traffic from Google. Here is what I do: My first objective is to find keywords related to my site. These are the actual keyword phrases people are typing into the search engines to find my site. Let's say I have a site on "antique collecting" and I want to find a list of keywords people would use to find my site. To do this I would use different ways, but one of the easiest is to go to Google Keyword Search Tool here: Type in your site's URL and Google will give you up to 800 keywords related to your site. It will give you the amount of traffic each keyword receives monthly and the amount of competition for each keyword phrase. Please pay special attention to keywords that have the highest PPC cost, which means webmasters/adwords users are willing to pay this amount for a keyword. If it is high - usually means this keyword phrase converts well into a sale. Advertisers don't constantly pay $10 per click if they're not making money. Now for the keywords "antique collecting" some examples would be: chinese antique furniture 2,300 $0.52 antique pottery 1,500 $0.37 antiques furniture 1,200 $0.58 antique coffee table 540 $0.52 The first number shows how many searches are made each month and the second is what you would have to pay for each click/visitor if you paid for the traffic through Adwords. The PPC rates above are very low, when creating my niche markets, I find products or services where the rates are $7-$10 or higher per keyword click. This means it's a more lucrative market and you earn more commission or even more revenue from Google Adsense, which I also place on many of my sites. These keyword phrases are often called "long-tail keywords" because they usually are longer than the main keywords. These longer keywords get less traffic which usually means there's less competition so you can easily get on the first page of Google. These are the keyword phrases you should work on, but instead of paid traffic you're looking for free traffic from Google. How I use these keywords on my own sites to get free traffic is a two-step process. 1. I take the lesser competitive keywords (30 - 1500 searches a month) and I create a UNIQUE content page on my site with this keyword phrase in the Title of the page and in the URL for that page. I also have the the keywords appearing on this content page but don't over do this, make your writing natural and helpful to your visitors first and foremost. Please your visitor first should be your motto, but always remember the spider has to be fed! 2. Then I write articles using the same keyword phrase in the title and submit them to all the free article directories on the web. In the resource box I link back to the UNIQUE content on my site with my keyword phrase as the anchor text - the clickable part of the link. But in some of these articles I change the link back to my homepage using the same keyword phrase. This way Google will (if I am lucky) give me a double listing for that keyword phrase - one link going to my index homepage of my site and the other going to the UNIQUE interior content page of my site relating to my targeted keyword phrase. It's getting those double header listings on the first page of Google that delivers a lot of traffic for me and the great part is, these listings don't have to be in the #1 spot - they can be anywhere on the first page. Just using this method with 10 or 20 keyword phrases should get the free traffic flowing from Google. But don't stop there, if this method works for you and there's no reason why it shouldn't - just keep adding more keyword phrases, more UNIQUE content and more articles. And instead of articles you can also use Videos, Press Releases, Blog Posts... to build your links. This is where the hard work comes in, building high quality content pages and articles does take some time. But creating quality content that web searches need and want is the whole key to getting all this free automatic traffic from Google. The second key is matching all this content with the actual keyword phrases searchers are using to find this content. If you find it hard to build a list of keywords for your site or topic. Google has another Keyword Tool called Google Sets: This tool will help you build a large set list or you can keep it around 15 items. Just remember, Google delivers quality traffic through millions upon millions of keywords... no reason why you or your site can't get a piece of all this free traffic. Just try it by doing a little hard work and see how quickly the traffic flows to your site. .... All views, opinions and conclusions are solely those of the author, who is a full-time online affiliate marketer. He runs numerous niche sites, including two highly ranked sites on Internet Marketing Tools. To get valuable marketing tips for free click here: free marketing courses Titus Hoskins Copyright 2010. If you truly found this article and content to be helpful, informative or totally entertaining - could you please Bookmark it in some of the Social Network with the AddThis button. I will thank you and the SEO Gods will thank you! Don't forget to BOOKMARK & SHARE this PAGE - addthis

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