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bizware-logoizwaremagic.com was created in 2002 by Titus Hoskins, a former art teacher who applied his art and design training towards producing a simple easy to navigate website.

The main goal of this site was to supply valuable information to both individuals and companies on all aspects of running a business on the web. This encompassed marketing tools such as ranking software, auto- responders, site analytics, lead capture software, SEO and online business start-up information.

The website naturally evolved over the years to cover other tools that any business needs to effectively operate in today's competitive environment. Main emphasis was placed on Internet Fax Services, Virtual PBX phone systems and content marketing techniques. In addition, a special interest developed in computers, laptops and tablets - especially the computer hardware one needs to run a business.

Gradually over time, these interests and content formulated into several key Guides which were offered at no-cost to the site's visitors and members. These include an Internet Fax Guide, RSS/Blogging Guide, List Building Guide and Laptop Computer Guide. These guides include handy information, reviews and also features recommended products and services.

Over more than a decade, Bizwaremagic has helped thousands of businesses find the right online fax service provider and PBX phone service. In addition, over the years it has helped thousands of individuals and companies find the right computer, laptop or tablet to meet their needs. The laptop computer section of Bizwaremagic has proven to be one of the most popular sections, especially the product reviews and the buying guides.

Going forward, Bizwaremagic will be concentrating on creating more informative reviews, infographics, videos, slideshows and webpages. As the web changes, more emphasis will be placed on social networking platforms such as Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, Linkedin and building its brand in all these networks. Bizwaremagic is and will continue to be the premier showcase for business marketing tools and services, new laptop and computer technology, contact building methods, content marketing strategies, promotional product marketing and social branding.

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Titus Hoskins My name is and I am an artist, writer and webmaster. I am also a former art teacher who has been a full-time Online Professional Marketer for the last 10 years.

Bizwaremagic.com is my main website, but I have many more. You can follow me on Twitter, Linkedin and Google+.


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