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The Best Google Chromebooks

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Top Recommended Chromebooks: Samsung Series 5 3G Chromebook (Titan Silver)amazony67 | Acer AC700-1099 Chromebook (Wi-Fi)amazon3r5 | More to come!

The Google Chromebook is based on the new Chrome OS or operating system. As the name suggests, this is a Google product featuring "all things Google", but these devices are created in partnership with manufacturing companies such as Samsung and Acer.

The advantages or benefits of owning a Google Chromebook are many:

- Extremely Portable
- Long Battery Life
- Robust Security Features
- Convenient Online Storage
- Easy Web Access or Connections
- Extremely Fast Boot Times

In addition, while the Google Chromebook is mainly designed for web applications, it does sport more features than an iPad - such as a media player, a file manager, USB and HDMI ports and a full size keyboard.

Plus, and this is a big PLUS, these devices are fully backed by Google and its countless number of products/services. Love it or hate it, the Google Brand does offer some of the highest quality products and services available on the web and elsewhere.

So if you're in the market for a Chromebook, here are a few considerations...

1. Samsung Series 5 3G Chromebook Sleek and stylist, this handy 3.3 pounds device offers 8.5 hours of battery life, convenient Wireless-N Wi-Fi and integrated 3G and 1 megapixel webcam. It features a 40% brighter anti-reflective 12.1" LED display that CAN be read outdoors, a 1.66 GHz Intel Atom dual-core N570 CPU, 2 Gigs of RAM and a 16 GB SSD or Solid State Drive.


Samsung Series 5 3G Chromebook (Titan Silver)amazon2f67

2. Acer AC700-1099 Chromebook (Wi-Fi) This 3.2 pound netbook comes with a 11.6? HD Widescreen LED-backlit LCD (1366 x 768) resolution and offers 6 hours of battery life. It sports the Intel N570 Atom Processor, 2 Gigs of Memory, a 16 GB Solid State Drive and an 1.3 Megapixel HD 1280 x 1024) Webcam.


Acer AC700-1099 Chromebook (Wi-Fi)amazon12er

Learn more about Google Chromebooks:


My Google Chromebookamazon67y

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