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Is Online Faxing Right For Your Business?

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Internet Fax Is The Only Way To Fax

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  • Sending and receiving faxes is an important part of any business or company. Whether you're running a small home-office business or a major corporation, the ability to quickly fax important documents or papers is vital to the smooth running of your business.

    In the past, faxes were usually sent by bulky office machines that can take up a lot of space. With online faxing you're using all the equipment that you will normally find in your own home or office. No additional equipment is needed to send and receive faxes. It makes a convenient replacement for the old fax machine.

    Online fax is a relatively new way of sending faxes using the Internet, computers and your email. Although Internet faxing is relatively new, many businesses are already using this new and more convenient way of faxing. Saving space and time in the process.

    Simple, convenient and easy to use. But how does online fax work?

    Customers can send and receive faxes right from their email inbox, once you sign up to a faxing service you will receive a toll-free or local fax number in the city of your choice. You may then distribute your new fax number to anyone who needs it and your faxes will be delivered as email attachments, directly to your inbox. Faxing from all your favorite applications is just as easy. It's the perfect faxing solution for the mobile professional, frequent traveler or anyone on the go; a perfect solution to your business faxing needs.

    There are many companies on the Web offering this type of faxing services, mainly eFax®, Send2Fax, RapidFax, MyFax and others. While each has slightly different policies and pricing, all are worth considering if you want to try this new way of sending faxes. Also be aware, that many of these so called free fax programs only lets you receive free faxes, you will have to pay extra to send faxes. Most charges are minimal but they do add up.

    PC Magazine Picked eFax® as its Editors' Choice for Internet fax services mainly because of "its worldwide send capabilities, free desktop-fax application, top-quality printouts, and comprehensive online support."

    One of the major selling points of online faxing is its convenience, you can send a fax from anywhere. Using any phone and you don't have to be tied to the office to send a fax. Big Plus. You can use a Web interface to send your faxes or you can use a free desktop application. Online faxing may just be a better method of sending a fax than the old fashion way.

    Regardless of which online faxing service you choose for your company or business, sending faxes using your email inbox does make a lot of practical sense. It will also save you space and time. Online faxing is probably the wave of the future, it's one trend every business or company should embrace.


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