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Cheap Laptops Doesn't Mean Cheap Quality

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Buying a cheap or inexpensive laptop computer doesn't mean you have to sacrifice on quality. Not by a long shot. Mainly because things have drastically changed in the laptop world.

Laptops are becoming cheaper by the second. It wasn't so long ago that buying a laptop computer meant you had to pay more for the same features you could get in a desktop PC at a much lower price. Not anymore, cheap laptops by many major brands now feature comparable specs at the same price or even lower than a desktop computer.

Laptop prices have fallen for many reasons but mainly because production costs have come down significantly in recent years. When any consumer product first hits the marketplace, prices are usually very high because manufacturers have to recover their production costs. As more and more products are sold, production costs and variables can be significantly less so prices drop. That's mainly why you see prices continuously dropping on TVs, DVD players and the like.

Also, laptop components such as RAM (memory), processors, graphics cards... are constantly going down in price which means greater savings for the potential laptop buyer. Plus, fierce competition by the different notebook computer makers has also brought prices down, especially in the budget segment of the laptop market.

In addition, the Internet and online shopping have brought immense competition for anyone selling electronic goods. Since sales is no longer confined to just one store or area; consumers have much more choice in which laptop they can buy. As all these laptop makers compete for your world-wide consumer dollar, prices have dropped significantly.

Then you also have to factor in the growing popularity of Netbooks which are smaller notebook computer that comes with a much smaller price tag. Netbooks have only been around for a few years but now take up a major portion of laptop sales. Major manufacturers like Asus, Lenovo, HP, MSI... have all stepped in and are producing cheaper yet very high quality products in this netbook category.

Another important factor has to be the poor economic climate where consumers are closely watching their spending dollar and a cheaper laptop would appear more attractive and a real money saver in these tough times. Again, the major notebook makers have probably realized this fact, and have started marketing quality, yet inexpensive products towards these savvy shoppers.

Still another factor why laptop prices have fallen can be due to online coupons and discounts. As mentioned before, more people are shopping online than ever and these shoppers expect and receive special discounts if they buy online. Again, major manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba... all offer laptop coupons and discounts to encourage buyers to purchase their brands. This online selling has resulted in much lower prices, where consumers can get $100 to $300 or more off their new laptop. These are still quality laptops but because of the fierce competition, online buyers get a great deal.

Therefore, anyone in the market for a quality, yet cheap laptop should do some serious comparative shopping online to find the right laptop to meet their needs. All the major brands mentioned above have discount coupons and codes they regularly send out to their countless affiliate sites across the web. Consumers who are looking for the best price should always shop around and take advantage of these notebook coupons. In addition, don't forget the major retail merchants such as Amazon, BestBuy... can also be great places to find a cheap laptop.

Other online resources like laptop review sites, topten lists, consumer forums... are great places to find information and consumer ratings of any laptop you're planning to buy, that way you can check out the quality, customer support and the overall reputation of your chosen laptop. The wise shopper would try and find not only an inexpensive laptop but also one of good quality; this way you significantly lower your chances of being disappointed with your laptop purchase. Keep in mind, just because it's cheap, doesn't mean it has to be of poor quality.

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