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Jan. 2, 2004 - New Spam Laws + New Year's Resolution

NEW SPAM LAWS - New Year's Resolution - Sean Burns

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                      Jan. 2, 2004


                      Happy New Year Everyone

                      Hope you had a Great Christmas and all the best  
                      for the new year.

                      NEW SPAM LAWS

                      On Jan. 1st  new spam laws have come onto the books.
                      Don't quite know how it will affect 'opt-in lists' or
                      email marketing yet but for now I am playing it safe and
                      only posting my Newsletter online for the time being.

                      Not a lawyer; but if you're emailing responsibly,
                       *mailing only to those who have 'opted-in' to your list

                       *providing an opt-out or unsubscribe link in every email

                       *removing all unsubscribes within 10 days

                       *keeping a record of all sign-ups IP time stamp & address 

                      You should have nothing to worry about.

                      I have being doing all the above and advising everyone
                      who keeps an opt-in list to do the same.

                      The only addition I will have to make is adding an 
                      actual postal address to my mailings.  

                      But again, I am not a lawyer so I am waiting to see
                      what happens with these new laws.

                      More on these spam laws next week!

NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION Only made one resolution this year! Get a Google PR 5 ranking for most of my web pages! It's something I am determined to do. My homepage on my main site recently jumped to PR 4 so getting a '5' is very attainable. If you have no idea what I am talking about - here's a little background and the reason I will be trying very hard to keep this resolution. Google is 'the' major search engine on the web. It ranks web pages on a scale of 1 to 10. The higher your PR rank the more traffic or hits Google will deliver to your site's keywords. Keywords are the words or phrases surfers use to search for information on the web. For example, if a surfer was searching/typing 'how to build an optin list?' into Google. If your page has a high ranking for that keyword or phrase your site will be listed on the first page of Google's results. My sign-up page to my newsletter has only a PR 3 - if I can get it up to PR 5 - it would mean a lot more targeted traffic from Google and a lot more subscribers to this Opt-in Newsletter. Of course, there are other reasons I will be working very hard to increase my PR ranking. The obvious one, higher ranking equals more traffic to my site, sales pages affiliate ids, etc.... Plus, BIG PLUS I have Google Adsense on my web pages. More traffic = more ad income from my site. Google's rules forbids talking about Adsense Income so I can't go into any details. Just say - the higher the ranking the more income you receive. How to Increase Your Ranking? If you have been reading this newsletter for a while - you probably know how I approach any problem. * Find an Expert * Consult an Expert * Copy an Expert Find an Expert Google is one complex monster. It uses an algorithm to rank web pages. Many factors are involved in the ranking of your pages: your site's links, your site's keywords, anchor text of your links, etc. And the algorithm keeps changing - you may have heard of the 'florida update' from last Nov. that used a 'filter' to further rank pages. With a subject so complex - you need to find someone who's an expert on search engines. Enter Sean Burns - center stage. Consult an Expert I have mentioned 'Sean Burns' many times in this newsletter and in my Tool@Kit. He's one of the most knowledgeable Google Experts on the web. He's also a very helpful person to know - if you want to increase your rankings. He's also very approachable and runs a first class site and newsletter. Check it out here. You might notice I have a 'testimonial' on that page that links to my site. ;-) Testimonials are great ways to get valuable links. Most network marketing is a win-win situation 'I help you - You help me' For example, Sean is helping increase my PR rating. I am promoting Sean's site and his main ebook on Google. Type this into Google: "Rankings Revealed - How to Top the Search Engines" And you will see my link to Sean's Book. Don't get the wrong idea - Sean Burns is not only a Google expert - he's a savvy marketer. His 'content rich' site is very popular. Providing a very nice setting for all those affiliate links. Not to mention all that ad revenue that comes with a site that's ranked high with the search engines. Copy an Expert Once you have found an expert like Sean (there are hundreds out there) do a close study of their sites and marketing methods and techniques. Then just apply the same stuff to your own site or marketing. It's the fastest and easiest road to success. PR 5 - here I come - before the year is out. ~~~~~~~~ To your list building success Kind Regards, Titus Titus Hoskins www.bizwaremagic.com 4 Tower Road, St. Alban's Nl, Canada "Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing." - Abraham Lincoln -------~~~~~====={Opt-in News}=====~~~~~------ Get a Step-by-Step Guide that will show you How to Start, Build & Manage your own Opt-In List! Click Here: www.bizwaremagic.com -----------~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-----------

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