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Feb. 14, 2004 - How to use ClickBank to Build your List

Building a List With ClickBank

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                                Feb. 13, 2004
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                                How to use ClickBank to Build your List!

                                I am constantly on the 'hunt' for different
                                ways of building an email list.

                                Most marketers agree it's usually takes 5 to 7
                                follow ups before a customer will purchase your 
                                product. Thus, using a follow up system is
                                crucial to your sales conversion rate.

                                Besides, building a contact list gives you a 
                                targeted group to market your future 
                                products and offerings to. Not to mention, 
                                all the Joint Ventures you can do if you have
                                a good responsive list.

                                Therefore, finding or seeking out different 
                                methods to build your list should be an 
                                important part of your marketing efforts.

                                Recently, a new piece of software came on the
                                market that could provide another way to
                                help build your list.

                                No doubt, you may have already heard of
                                ClickBank. In case you haven't -  ClickBank is
                                an affiliate marketing system that promotes over 
                                10,000 products - it's like Commission Junction but
                                mostly dealing in electronic downloads (ebooks, 
                                info products, software, etc.)

                                Someone promoting these products can make a 
                                nice income from monthly commission checks!
                                The new software is 'CB Extract'  by Shawn Pringle.
                                CB Extract is essential if you do a lot of ClickBank
                                marketing. It will make the collection of your
                                sales data a breeze. It will become your #1 timesaver!

BizWare Magic's Recommended Solutions......
How to Capture Emails From ClickBank - Try CB Extract from Shawn Pringle. Collect sales data, records, emails with a click of a button!

Shawn also designed - software to protect your affiliate links from thieves and hijackers. ClickBank for some reason only shows small (daily) amounts of your sales data. CB Extract lets you analyze large volumes of data - sales reports, affiliates reports, customer database, mailing lists, etc. with the click of a button. But it also has a side benefit - it will also give you the contact email address of your customers and affiliates. In fact, you can build your email list by using this software. Here's a tip: you can offer a bonus to a product you're promoting and then let CB Extract build your contact list of all your customers in order for you to send them this bonus. Start building that relationship! Another tip! Some Pay Per Click Programs won't allow a 'pop-up' on the page you're promoting so you have to make a landing page ( i.e. a page with no 'pop-up' that a customer lands on before preceding to the promoted affiliate page). On this landing page - offer a couple of good high quality products in exchange for the e-mail address. If you do extensive PPC marketing - you can build your list on the side! Most marketers agree - gathering the contact information of your customers or web site visitors is an important part of building your online business. This information is very valuable, the more you know about your customers, their preferences, past buying habits, etc. - the better you will be able to market to this group. You might just end up builing your list on the side. ~~~~~~~~~~ To your list building success! Kind Regards, Titus Titus Hoskins www.bizwaremagic.com "Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love." Charlie Brown in "Peanuts" (Charles M. Schulz) -------~~~~~====={Opt-in News}=====~~~~~------ Get a Step-by-Step Guide that will show you How to Start, Build & Manage your own Opt-In List! Click Here: www.bizwaremagic.com -----------~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~----------- If you found this Newsletter Helpful - why not subscribe! You will also receive a free list Building eCourse to get you started. Plus, all subscribers receive a Free Copy of BizWare Magic's Opt-in Email Tool@Kit. Handy Tips, Links and Resources for building your list. Strict Privacy Policy.

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