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Alienware 17
NEW Haswell Alienware 17
$1,399 via Dell

Toshiba Qosmio

New - Toshiba Qosmio X70-AST3G23
$1,299 via Toshiba


$2,249 via Amazon

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GRAPHICS, GRAPHICS, GRAPHICS You must have the best/latest/fastest Graphics on the market. DUH! Serious gamers are concerned with graphics, obsessed would probably be a better word. And rightly so. Graphics or the quality of the graphics chipset in your notebook computer will be your first area of consideration and it will greatly determine the gaming performance of your PC. You want a discrete or Dedicated Graphics Card with as much RAM and Video RAM you can afford. Go with the latest Graphics Chipset and also check to see if you can upgrade your Graphics Card on the particular machine you're thinking about buying. With laptops this is much more difficult than a desktop PC, so its important to choose a graphic card or cards which can play all your current video games. Most Gamers go with the latest NVIDIA or ATI GPUs Here are some Graphics Chipsets which are highly rated: 2GB AMD 7970M and the NVidia GTX 680M... for the moment! Keep in mind, new GPUs are constantly being introduced into the marketplace and the card you bought a few months ago, may not be the fastest now. This really doesn't matter if your present system can play all the video games you want it to play. The GPU makes your notebook computer capable of many functions: 3D games, wide-screen HDTV, dynamic presentations, mobile video editing studio and graphic processor. Many low-end notebooks come with integrated graphics, where components interact and are sometimes shared, especially memory. This is not ideal for high performance gaming and as mentioned above, you need a dedicated graphics card or cards. Also, if you want a notebook computer for 3D games - check the amount of video RAM - this is memory that's dedicated to graphic or video applications. Other common graphic chipsets are: STMicro, 3D Labs, Matrox, Trident S3 and SIS. If you can, go with a NVIDIA GeForce card or for the real game diehards - try the New NVIDIA GeForce 580M GTX (DX11) or try a top level ATi Mobility Radeon card. Gamers will be aware of NVIDIA SLI technology, ATI CrossFire and Hyperthreading. All new stuff that's bringing the gaming experience up to a higher level of perfection that would even be worthy of a Spielberg or a Lucas Production. Not really, but it's getting there. Display quality is also extremely important to your gaming experience. Make sure the resolution and display quality of your notebook computer can handle the graphics of 3D Gaming. Most high-end notebook displays are now full HD 1080p and can easily handle the most demanding visuals gaming machines sometimes require. RAM, RAM, RAM NVIDIA - PureVideo Gold Get the largest amount of RAM possible. RAM - will determine how much graphics your notebook computer will be able to handle. It's best to get the largest amount possible on your machine or what you can afford. Well, within reason, there is such a thing as having excess RAM which your OS can't use. Also check the video ram - this is RAM that is dedicated to handling video pictures on your PC. RAM or random-access memory. This is what the computer uses to run applications and data on your operating system. It's generally agreed that you need at least 1 GB for windows Vista but 2 GB will make it run more smoothly. For Windows 7, many devices come with 4 Gigs of Memory which should be sufficient for 32-Bit systems - many argue that it can only use around 3.6 GB of that memory and you can get away with using only 2 GB since Windows 7 is light on RAM. RAM or the amount of RAM on your notebook computer is extremely important if you want to handle heavy graphic files or want to play games on your notebook. The more RAM you have, the more applications you will be able to handle. Some notebook now come with up to 32GB of DDR3 memory. DDR3 SDRAM - is a new standard which is short for "double-data-rate three synchronous dynamic random access memory". DDR3 lets you have chip size of 512 megabits to 8 gigabits, giving you max memory size of 16 gigabytes. Many top-end systems have 8-32 GBs of Dual Channel DDR3 at 1600MHz. This is much better than standard SDRAM which tops out around 150- 166MHz and DDR SDRAM which starts at 200MHz and goes up to around 400MHz and DDR 2 SDRAM at 533MHz. Video RAM. This is RAM that is dedicated to handling the visuals and graphics on your notebook computer. This is helpful if you want to play a lot of the latest 3D video games on your notebook. Video RAM or VRAM is special memory that's used by video adapters on your notebook. It is somewhat different from ordinary RAM because it can be accessed by two different devices at once - enabling screen updates while the video processor processes new data. VRAM provides better graphics but is more expensive than ordinary RAM. Alienware High-Performance Systems Gamers please note. There is also a special kind of VRAM, known as Windows RAM (WRAM) - which gives even better visual performance than VRAM. Also check out: Why RAM Is Mission Critical? SPEED, SPEED, SPEED You need the fastest computer money can buy. Period! In order to get the maximum performance from your ultimate gaming computer you must have the fastest speed you can get or afford. Your ultimate PC must be able to process and handle the latest 3D video games with ease. There is nothing as annoying as your PC freezing up in the middle of some major gaming action. Therefore, your Processor's speed is very important. CPU or Central Processing Unit, you probably know it as the processor. It's the heart or rather the brain of your notebook or computer. It does all your computer's data processing and applications. Since it does most of the work, it's usually the most expensive part of your notebook computer. Go with SATA! New Sandy Bridge Intel quad core i3, i5 and i7 processors are now commonly found in a lot of laptops, especially gaming notebooks. These also have the new turbo boost technology which supplies the extra performance with it is needed, such as high demand visuals or gaming. Another choice would be the AMD A6 & A8 Fusion processors - where AMD has merged both the CPU and GPU into main platform which they refer to as an APU. For example, we have the quad core A8-3850 at 2.9GHz and porting 4MB L2 cache with an embedded GPU running at 600MHz. The speed of microprocessors is measured in MHz. MHz is short for megahertz. One MHz equals one million cycles per second. The speed of processors, usually known as clock speed, is measured in megahertz (MHz) or these days in gigahertz (GHz). The higher the clock speed, the faster the computer will process applications and data. It determines how powerful your notebook computer will be. Processor speeds for notebooks or laptops are steadily increasing, not quite the same as a desktop but the gap is narrowing quickly. Some of the gaming notebooks listed below have speeds of 3.4GHz or more. SATA is a type of hard drive and stands for Serial Advanced Technology Architecture. It was developed by a whole group of companies including Seagate, Intel, Maxtor, Dell and others. SATA transmit data in a serially (in a single stream) as opposed to PATA or Parallel ATA which is commonly referred to as an IDE hard drive. Serial ATA hard drives uses less power and are ideal for notebook computers, they are also more advanced than PATA hard drives which uses multiple streams of data - go figure! But Serial Technology carries data in a single stream and unlike PATA is not limited to a particular clock speed, Serial transfers data packets almost 30 times faster than parallel. If top performance in your notebook is one of your goals, go with a SATA hard drive. Don't forget to ask or check the hard drive speed! A 7,200rpm hard drive is faster than a 4,200rpm or 5,400rpm - and usually gives better performance. The MAIN ATTRIBUTES of a great gaming machine are a high spec processor, dedicated graphics chip and plenty of system memory. Sandy Bridge (visibly smart) quad-core laptops are now on the market. The gaming industry is at a crossroads for many of these advanced systems. For example, we now commonly see quad-core CPUs featuring dual graphics cards via SLi with Nvidia and CrossFire with AMD powered systems. Most serious gamers will also look for full HD 1080p displays and usually a Blu-ray Drive. Plus, full 3D is another option on many of the latest gaming rigs. Here are some Gaming Notebook Computers You might want to consider. Keep in mind, that your ultimate gaming PC is YOUR machine and you will no doubt want to config it your way. Many of these companies or Brands allow you to order your PC with your own specs. Drum roll please! Top Rated 'Gaming' notebooks From Alienware: Dell Alienware M17X This Alienware Laptop is pricey yet powerful enough to replace most if not all gaming desktops. From Alienware the : Dell Alienware 17 and the Dell Alienware 18. Please Note - that DEll has now purchased Alienware in 2006. This may disappoint some, but it could mean faster delivery times for your Alienware machine. Plus, all that Dell marketing might and resources will mean a better Alienware deal for you. Click Here for a Full Page of the latest: Alienware Coupons & Discounts Gamers will instantly recognize the brand name Alienware from its desktop PCs - but this company also makes some great gaming notebooks - take a close look at Alienware's M17x R3 before you buy your gaming laptop. The M17x R3 is highly rated and definitely worth your consideration.
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From Dell: Dell XPS Extreme Dell is probably not best known for its gaming notebooks but the XPS Notebooks can hold its own against the more stylist brand names. Don't dismiss this one just because its a Dell. Check out the specs and superior graphic system on this machine and you might be pleasantly surprised at the great performance. Not to mention, the couple of grand you will save by going with a Dell XPS machine. Other major considerations when choosing an affordable, yet capable, gaming rig would be the ASUS "Republic of Gamers" series of laptops such as the ASUS G73SW-3DE. And don't ignore the gaming notebooks from MSI such as the powerful MSI GT780DXR-099US. To find out more about ASUS and MSI gaming notebooks just read the following article: Alienware vs Asus vs MSI! Who Wins Top Gaming Laptop? Best Gaming Notebooks For 2011 - Top 5 Considerations Or the new kid on the block with strong ties to Alienware: Origin Eon18

ORIGIN EON18 From HP we have the: HP Envy 17 Review Along with the new 3D edition, the Envy 17 can't be ruled out and is worth a close look. Also check out the new Toshiba Qosmio X305 Will Toshiba Revolutionize Gaming Notebooks? Judgment Time In conclusion, it's time to choose your ultimate gaming notebook. Keep in mind the points listed above: Graphics, Ram, and Speed. Check out each one of these points on the gaming machine you intend to buy and see if they meet your requirements. Best rule of thumb, if you can afford it - buy the top of the line product that gives the best Graphics, largest Ram and fastest Processing Speed. Sounds easy but choosing the right gaming notebook for you will still be somewhat difficult and will take some thought - hope this simple guide has given you some points to consider and pointed you in the right direction. Happy Gaming. Go Get 'em! SPECIAL NOTE - Know Your Clevo! Real gamers know their Clevo products. They know Clevo is the large Taiwanese computer company which specializes in laptops. Most people have never heard of the Clevo brand name but are very familiar with re-branded Clevo products sold through Falcon, VoodooPC, Pro-Star, M-TECH, Sager, Rock... Clevo is considered by most gamers to produce the best notebooks with regards to superior quality and build. So next time you're considering/ordering a gaming laptop, dig a little deeper to find out exactly what you're buying. Know Your Clevo...

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The Notebook Guide P.S. If you're looking for a least expensive gaming laptop than those gaming rigs listed above, there are some good alternatives you may consider. Even building your own! With this in mind we highly suggest you check out these multimedia laptops especially the ASUS G73SW-XA1 which has the 2nd generation Intel Core i7-2630QM quad-core (Sandy Bridge) processor And YES they are from Amazon, but they are also the best prices you will find anywhere: MSI GT725 17" Laptop ASUS G73SW-XA1 OCZ DIY You can add us to your social bookmarks & Help Share This Site With Others:
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