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Computer & Laptop Memory Upgrade

Use this System Scanner to find out what memory upgrades you need :

Crucial System Scanner takes the guesswork out of upgrading your memory.

UK residents may use this link to upgrade your laptop or computer:

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Has This Ever Happened To You?

You're working or playing on your laptop or desktop PC and suddenly your machine freezes up? Or slows down to a snail's crawl?

Even just getting your PC or Laptop to work at its normal pace becomes a problem. Chances are good that your Laptop or PC doesn't have enough Memory or RAM to do the Job!

RAM or random-access memory. This is what the computer uses to run applications and data on your operating system.

Do you have enough RAM?

It's generally agreed that you need at least 256MB for Windows XP and Mac OS X. You will only need 128MB for other operating systems in Windows or Mac. Most laptops/computers now have from 3GB to 8B or more of RAM.

RAM or the amount of RAM on your notebook computer is extremely important if you want to handle heavy graphic files or want to play games on your notebook. The more RAM you have, the more applications you will be able to handle. Some notebook now come with up to 2GB of DDR2 533MHz RAM.

DDR2 SDRAM - is a new standard that can boost conventional SDRAM memory up to speeds well over 200MHz and beyond. For example, the IBM ThinkPad T43, thanks to the Sonoma Chipset or platform has 533MHz DDR 2 SDRAM.

This is much better than standard SDRAM which tops out around 150- 166MHz and DDR SDRAM which starts at 200MHz and goes up to around 400MHz.

Video RAM. This is RAM that is dedicated to handling the visuals and graphics on your notebook computer. This is helpful if you want to play a lot of the latest 3D video games on your notebook.

If you're operating an older Laptop or PC - you always have the option of Upgrading your RAM.

This can be a simple process even for non-geeks if you approach it in the right way. If you're not technologically inclined - it's best to consult an expert or experts.

One of the Best Company to handle any PC or Laptop Memory Upgrade is Crucial Technology. They are a division of Micron, a Fortune 500 company and one of the largest DRAM manufacturers in the world.

They have an excellent online site that supplies factory-direct memory upgrades to the public. ( They offer over 10,000 memory upgrades for more than 20,000 desktops, notebooks, servers, and printers.) Chances are high they can handle your Laptop or PC memory upgrades.

If you're unsure of what memory upgrades you need - just use: The Crucial System Scanner takes the guesswork out of upgrading your memory.

Also check out: Why RAM Is Mission Critical?

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