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Notebook For Students

Picking the right student laptop or notebook computer can make college life a lot easier if you pick the best student laptop or notebook...

Best Notebooks For Students and Why


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Students want a laptop or notebook that's lightweight, yet sturdy enough to take a good pounding! They need a notebook that's comfortable enough to lug from class to class - so weight and size is an issue.

It has to be small enough to fit comfortable in a backpack or in your arms. Yet, the student notebook or laptop must have great battery life and performance. Depending on your budget, student laptops also have to be inexpensive.

In other words, the ideal student notebook must have great portability, performance and battery life, yet be lightweight and relatively inexpensive.

The class of notebooks best suited to meet all those demands falls in the 'thin and light' and the 'ultraportable' categories of laptops or notebooks.

Some of the best students notebooks are: Netbooks!

Before you check out the student laptops below, you should have a serious look at buying a netbook instead of a laptop. Netbooks were introduced in the fall of 2007 by Asustek and is the fastest growing segment of the laptop industry. Netbooks are smaller with a display of 10 inches or less, and usually sells for well under $500 bucks. Because of their small size and good battery life they make for excellent student mini-laptops.

HP Quality, ultraportable, lightweight (just 3.95 lb.) and powerful. Plus this HP notebook has a versatile, convertible display - can be used as a slate, ideal for notetaking, comes with stylus (which stows on the notebook).

Latest HP Laptops (click for details)

Apple MacBooks are very popular with students. Sleek design and good performance with up to 4GB of memory and plenty of storage. Use the special link below to learn more about the MacBook any student would love to have:

MacBook Pro

Panasonic ToughBooks are another excellent choice for a student notebook.

Panasonic ToughBook Y2 (click for details)

May be on the expensive size for some students, but the Panasonic ToughBook Y2 is a fully packed notebook with solid performance and great battery life at 5 hours and is really light at 3.3 pounds. Should be considered.

Toshiba - Portégé M200 (click for details)

Those students looking for a Tablet PC for convenient Note Taking should look at the Toshiba Portégé M200. It runs quiet and cool, and is a versatile tablet/laptop combination with an excellent keyboard design.

Dell Inspiron 700m (click for details)

Dell may be the best choice for a student looking for a relatively cheap notebook computer or laptop. Good performance at a reasonable price. Weight at 4.2 pounds.

Sometimes Small is Better!

Introducing the New Fujitsu LifeBook® U810 Mini-Notebook

New Fujitsu LifeBook® U810 Mini-Notebook

Refurbished or Used Laptop/Notebook Computer

Students (and parents) should not rule out a used or refurbished laptop or notebook computer. Some great deals can be found, check around computer shops in your area or check online places like which sell relatively cheap refurbished notebooks.

Refurbished Laptopsamazon 3

Most Savvy Shoppers Use eBay.

Most smart online buyers use eBay to find the cheatest products they want to buy. If you're looking for a cheap reliable student laptop, you owe it to yourself to check out eBay. The sign-up process is quick and quite painless.


Reasons all students should have a laptop or notebook computer

Laptops are convenient and useful for note taking, writing compositions, and gathering knowledge and data from the Internet. To remain competitive in a very competitive world - students who have a laptop or notebook computer is at a greater advantage than those without one.

Many parents and students spend 10's of thousands on a good education but fail to invest in a relatively inexpensive piece of equipment that may greatly influence the outcome of that high priced education. So give some serious thought to buying a student notebook or laptop.

A laptop or notebook computer will greatly increase any student's performance level. So choose wisely.

To repeat that!

A laptop or notebook computer will greatly increase any student's performance level. So choose wisely.

If you need further help here's a good informative aricle on the different factors to consider when choosing the perfect student laptop:

Laptop Theft And Loss are MAJOR CONCERNS for most students. Here are 10 simple ways to protect your newly purchased student laptop:

Preventing Laptop Theft

Further Information on Student Laptops Here:

What You Need To Know Before Buying A Student Laptop

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