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Dell Launches New
Alienware M17x Gaming Laptop

Where & How To Buy The New Dell Alienware M17X

Are you searching for the New Dell Alienware M17X and wondering where you can buy it. This new gaming laptop is offered thru DELL and not thru the Alienware site as of yet as far as we can see.

Now to get you started on your Hunt for the Most All Powerful Gaming Laptop In The Universe...

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Alienware M17x

Dell Launches New Alienware M17x Laptop

The new Alienware M17x Laptop is set to be launched through Dell on Tuesday, June 2. Alienware affiliate publishers have been contacted via email by the Alienware Affiliate Team and told to ready their marketing and sites for this all important launch.

Alienware is claiming this is "the most powerful 17-inch gaming notebook in the universe" and these guys know their gaming rigs. Alienware is the leading manufacturer of gaming machines and has acquired a top ranking with most gamers. Alienware is known for their powerful, yet somewhat pricy machines.

The M17x Laptop will be no exception to that rule, according to a recent post in, it will sport an "Intel Core 2 Extreme Quad overclockable processor" and "Dual 1 gigabyte Nvidia GeForce GTX 280M graphics card."

It will also sport some other very impressive specs such as an optional high-definition Widescreen UXGA display and optional dual hard drives up to 1 terabyte of storage. You will also get a Blu-ray optical drive, 4 USB ports, and 8-in-1 media-card reader built into the system. This monster will weight in at a hefty, yet expected 12 pounds.

And according to PCMag the starting price of the M17x will be $1,799, but true gamers will know they will have to pay more for a fully loaded gaming rig with all the extras.

As most people know, Dell acquired Alienware in March of 2006. This seems to be a departure for Alienware as this new Alienware M17x Gaming Laptop is being marketed through Dell, instead of Alienware. Not that it makes much difference to die-hard gaming fanatics, who will be anxious to get their hands on this new gaming device, regardless of who's selling it.

Four Reasons Why The Alienware M17x
Is One Of The Best Gaming Systems

When you're buying any gaming laptop or desktop PC you must consider these four factors: Graphics/Video Card, Processor, Display/Visuals and Hard Drive. All four factors will greatly determine how good your future laptop or PC will be for gaming.

Graphics/Video Card

Besides buying the most RAM you can afford, you must check your laptop's GPU (graphics processing unit) mainly because your gaming system will be handling heavy visuals, graphics and 3D videos, so you need a very robust video card(s) that can do the job easily without putting too much strain on your system. The Alienware M17x can be configged with Dual 1 gigabyte Nvidia GeForce GTX 280M graphics card (SLI Enabled 1,024MB), and with up to 8GB shared dual DDR3 at 1,333MHz.

And if that wasn't enough, in addition, you also have GeForce 9400M integrated graphics with HybridPower which you can switch your system to when you're not playing blazing fast 3-D games and save the power stored in your nine-cell battery.


With a gaming laptop or PC you need powerful processors to perform all those gaming applications with ease and with speed. The Dell Alienware M17x can be fitted with a starting Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz P8600 and go up to a Core 2 Extreme Quad-Core QX9300 processor. There are alo overclocking features to give even more processing speed should you need it.

At the moment, probably your only other competition would be laptops like Asus W90Vp-X1, which can be overclocked at an amazing 3.28GHz.


Another important consideration for a gaming laptop or desktop PC is your display and the quality of your visuals. No good to have all that power and speed, if the end results are displayed on inferior screens or displays. The M17x has a 17-inch high-def WUXGA 1920 x 1200 display with a Blu-ray/CD/DVD combo drive which should give you superior visuals. Throw in a 2.0MP webcam, HDMI, eSATA, FireWire, DisplayPort Connector, plus analogue 5.1-channel audio for good measure. And the M17x gets top marks for entertainment value.

Hard Drive

Since games, videos, music... all take up a lot of space, a gaming laptop must be rather large to store all that data. The Alienware M17x can have up to 1TB of storage available from twin 500GB 7,200RPM hard drives (7200 RPM is faster than a 5400 RPM system). Or you have the option of a 500GB Solid State Drive - keep in mind, SSDs or Solid State Drives are considered better because they have no moving parts and are less prone to failure or damage.

In addition to these four main features, the Alienware M17x also have some extra features which makes it stand out from the crowd. It has Facial Recognition which works through your webcam, if you forget your password - it will recognize your face and log you in! You also have an AlienFX Illuminated keyboard and lighting zones which displays colors in three different modes (steady, morph or pulse). The M17x has style to burn, with an anodized aluminum shell and a matte black finish, not to mention those sharp lines and grilles - it simply personifies what a future machine should look like!

Lastly, Alienware has gained a solid reputation among gamers for producing some of the most powerful (albeit sometimes pricy) laptops in the world. The Alienware M17x is no exception and it should definitely be on your list if you're searching to buy a superior gaming laptop.

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Dell Alienware M17x

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