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Alienware Tact X Headset - Only $79! Click This Link: Alienware Tact X Headset, only $79! Alienware was founded by avid gamers Alex Aguila and Nelson Gonzalez back in 1996. Alienware quickly became one of the leading producers of revolutionary gaming PCs and laptops. This company and brand has also won raves and rewards from such top industry publications as PC Gamer, Cnet, Computer Games and many more.
Your Free Notebook Guide

   notebook buyers guide!

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Alienware is one of the best producers of high-performance notebooks, and state-of-the-art desktop gaming systems. Alienware is now owned by Dell. You can get Alienware products direct within the US, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. And on course, you can buy your Alienware products online. Alienware_freedom_120x90
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