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This virtual contact center will greatly empower/enhance your customers' call experience and lower your operating costs.

Take Me To The Cloud!

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  • RingCentral, the well known Internet Fax and Virtual PBX Phone provider, has just introduced a new service entitled: RingCentral Contact Center. And just as the name suggests this is a full-featured customer contact center/service that businesses can use to give their customers a better experience when contacting their company.

    Needless to say, having a reliable and user-friendly contact platform is a vital part of any business. Now RingCentral offers a "cloud solution" that can be fully integrated into our modern computerized workplaces. A solution that can be more efficient and more cost-effective than traditional systems. It's a virtual solution every company should consider.

    Here is a quick Infographic with all the major selling points:

    RingCentral Contact Center - Major Benefits & Features


    * Powerful Multichannel Capabilities
    * Empower Your Customers
    * Let Customers Decide HOW They Want To Engage
    * Resolve Issues Faster & More Effectively
    * Build & Increase Customer Loyalty


    Advanced Routing

    Advanced routing that offers an IVR (interactive voice response) system to reduce your per-call cost that let customers decide which type of help they need, whether agent-based or self-service. Your customers can quickly "self-solve" such basic issues regarding bill payments or account inquiries - freeing up agents to handle more complex problems. There is also native support for automated speech recognition and text-to-speech in multiple languages to enhance your customers' satisfaction.

    Queuing and Distribution

    There's a modern, efficient ACD (automated call distribution) engine with multichannel capabilities & support for automatic callback directing requests to the agents best suited to handle them. There's native support for voice, chat, SMS, email... your ACD system lets your customers choose how they want to interact with your company. End result - more efficient call resolution, happier customers and lower cost of operation.

    Agent and Supervisor Capabilities

    Intuitive we b-based tools in your RingCentral Contact Center provide managers/agents with the ability to measure, monitor & manage operations to achieve optimum performance. Caller information can be displayed on agents' screens using CTI (computer telephony integration) which reduces call handling times & enhancing your customers' call experience.

    Analytics and Reporting

    There are flexible, user-friendly analytics that presents your key contact center metrics - empowering you to make crucial business decisions quickly. Reporting options include pre-built reports, ad-hoc reporting & custom-created reports. With up-to-the-minute information that is made available through easily customizable dashboards - you are equipped to address/solve problems immediately.

    Third-Party Integrations

    Your RingCentral Contact Center has full out-of-the-box CRM (customer relationship management) integration. You can pull in customer data from popular CRM platforms or your custom solution. Quickly connecting/integrating information in your contact center with your own CRM data will enable agents to handle large call volumes faster and more efficiently.

    Bundled, Simplified Billing - PLUS White-Glove Treatment

    RingCentral Contact Center has an all-inclusive pricing system with no surprises and a simplified billing statement. There is also a white-glove implementation service that includes a dedicated implementation advisor, training & collaborative review to make sure you're up and running quickly.

    RingCentral Contact Center has three different monthly pricing structures: Basic - $99.99, Advanced - $119.99 and Ultimate which is priced at $179.99. To learn more click this link.

    Or this banner:

    Introducing RingCentral Contact Center. Customer service has a new gold standard. Learn More.

    To learn more about RingCentral try our RingCentral Office Review here.

    Latest Offer from RingCentral:


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