10 Ways To Make Your Site More Visible On The Web

Here are 10 ways to increase your site's visibility on the web. Use them to get more traffic and sales.

Increase Your Site's Link Popularity

10 Ways To Make Your Site More Visible On The Web

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  • If you're reading this, you probably have a website on the big world wide web, gathering dust. Well, not really, digital files don't gather dust, but you get my meaning. Your perfectly designed and perfectly optimized site is going nowhere fast.

    Why, oh why, you ask?

    Many novice webmasters still believe if you build it, they will come. Actually, on very rare occasions, this might still work but that scenario is better suited for corny old movie scripts than marketing on today's web.

    Once you get your perfect website up and running - it all comes down to visibility. Is your site visible on the web? Does your site have a presence on the web? Can web surfers see it?

    So lets tackle this problem from a visibility angle. Can web users see your site or not? If the answer is no, you have to actively put measures into place to make your site more visible to the surfing public. Here are some strategies you can try:

    1. SEO And Search Engines - This is the obvious one, get your site ranked on the first page of Google and the other search engines for your targeted keywords. Now many beginning webmasters often make the mistake of trying to rank for the "broad keywords" in their niche which get thousands or hundreds of thousands of clicks each month. They run up against stiff competition and wrongly assume they can't compete because well established sites have a lock on the main keywords in the top search engines. If you or your site is new, a much better marketing strategy is to target the "long tail" keywords which get less traffic, but the competition is very winnable. Try getting your site on the first page for these 3 or 4 word phrases and your site will be on its way to becoming more visible. Actually, as many savvy marketers have discovered, just having the exact keyword phrase in your domain name will get you on the first page. Over time, if you rank high for enough of these "long tail" keyword phrases, your site will start to rank for the broader, more popular terms as well.

    2. Links - Another obvious one, you need links to make your site more visible on the web. Google and the search engines consider the number, but mostly, the quality of your links to be the most important ranking factor in judging your site or content. Get enough links and your site will rank in the top spots. Any seasoned webmaster or marketer will tell you, links are essential for visibility on the web, assuming of course we're talking about organic traffic and not paid traffic. Besides the SEO benefits, links simply make your site visible. Many SEO experts suggest you build only "dofollow" links, which means the search engines will follow the link and give your site the linking juice or ranking power associated with a link coming from the source in question. However, a "nofollow" link on the page which gets thousands/millions of visitors will make your site much more visible on the web. In other words, consider links as SEO ranking tools, but also remember links can be used simply for getting more traffic and making your brand more visible to the surfing public.

    3. Social Networks - These days, social networks/sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+... have made getting your site noticed much more easier than in the past. Just make sure your site is "connected" or "tied in" to all these social bookmarking sites. Develop active profiles in all them and make sure you put "bookmark buttons" on all your webpages. Many seasoned webmasters use such free services as Sharethis or Addthis to promote their content in all the bookmarking sites. They also build up their subscriber base in all these networks, tweeting your latest article or webpage to thousands of Twitter followers will make your content more visible. So too, will using Google+ since Google is now showing profiles and posts in their search results, once users have logged into their Google account. Simple way to get your site/content into Google without all the SEO hassles and it always makes building your subscriber/friend base all the more important.

    4. Rich Snippets - Should have placed this one at the top because in the coming months and years, it will be one of the most significant factors in how visible your site or content becomes on the web. Rich Snippets are simply pieces of HTML code which you place on your site or on your webpages to give the search engines added information on your content. The search engines will take this information and display it in their search results. For example, if you do a review for a product, you place all the vital data/rankings/info in the Rich Snippets and once the search engine crawls your page - it will display this information in its SERPS. In other words, in Google you can get your Photo and/or star ranking displayed beside your listing in their search results. This will definitely make you and your content much more visible on the web. If you take anything away from this page, please find out everything you can about "Rich Snippets" and start using them on your site or on all your webpages. It will make your site much more visible. Find out more here: Rich Snippets

    5. RSS Feeds - This is another one of those little marketing tools which can make your site much more visible on the web. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is most widely associated with blogs or blogging. That's why many seasoned webmasters have a blog embedded in their sites, many use a free blogging system like Wordpress because it is extremely SEO friendly. Your blog will also have an RSS feed which publishes or syndicates your posts or content all over the web. Other sites can even take your feed and display it on their sites. Obviously, having an RSS feed on your site will make it more visible. RSS Guide

    6. Press Releases - This is an old business standard which has been adapted to the web. Submitting press releases is a great way to promote your site or business. I find using PRweb to be very effective in getting my message on the web and establishing a presence. Many of these releases are picked up by News sites such as Yahoo! News and Google News. While many of the best ones are paid services, there are still some good free press release services on the web which anyone can use, regardless of your budget.

    7. Article Marketing/Blog Posting - Many people falsely believe that article marketing is not effective on a Post-Panda web, but this is not entirely true. Articles are still a great way to get your content on the web and a great way to get targeted traffic back to your site. Granted, for SEO purposes, re-print articles which are distributed on countless sites are much less effective because some search engines, such as Google, are no longer indexing the links. However, a well written informative article appearing on many high-traffic sites will definitely make your content and brand more visible on the web. The article as a marketing tool and marketing funnel has not lost its effectiveness on the web - just think outside of Google for once.

    8. Google News Sites - Actually, while it is kinda "cool" to dish Google at the moment, especially after they have gone totally postal with their +You campaigns and displaying Google+ profiles and posts, regardless of whether or not this content is relevant. Regardless of your personal opinions, embracing Google and all things Google is a savvy marketing move if you want to make your site more visible on the web. Especially remember, Google has a list of News sites where they instantly index the content, getting your site or content listed on one of these sites will definitely make your site more visible. While I find a Google News listing will only be featured in SERPS for a limited time, it does bring in a lot of targeted traffic to your site. Here is a list of Google News sites: https://www.labnol.org/tech/google-news-sources/19321/

    9. Viral Videos - While many of these viral videos are in the silly "Charlie Bit My Finger" vein, having a popular video on sites like YouTube will definitely give your brand more exposure. Most well known sites now have video departments which regularly turn out simple videos to market their site or promote products. I find doing a Top Ten list or the videos featuring step-by-step instructions get the best results. Also, a well constructed and favored video will go directly to the first page of Google search, even for very lucrative and competitive keyword phrases.

    10. Don't Forget The Real World - Most novice webmasters and marketers sometimes make the mistake that the web is located online with a bunch of servers and providers calling the shots. Wrong, these days, the web is located more in the brain cells of 6 billion or so humans walking the planet, than in cyber space. Don't forget to promote your site in the off-line world. Regardless of whether your business is local or not, do flyers, bumper stickers, promotional gifts, newspaper ads, radio spots... to make your site more visible in the real world, as well as online.

    One last piece of advice - it has been my experience that most knowledge is useless unless you use it. These 10 ways to get more visibility for your site are useless unless you use them. Your site will remain invisible unless you get cracking and do something about it.

    Right now.

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