Who Died And Made Google God?

Is it just me but doesn't it seem like Google is everywhere these days? Into all aspects of our lives and our world, so here's a light-hearted look at 'The Little Search Engine That Roared' and its ever increasing presence in our lives.

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Who Died And Made Google God?
(Not Just A Mere BackRub - Google's Ever Increasing Presence In Our Lives)
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Recently, Google announced it was getting into the wind energy business by investing in the Atlantic Wind Connection located on the American east coast, which could potentially power 2 million homes. Wind power? Are you kidding me, this is a search engine company for heaven's sake? What does online search have to do with alternative energy sources?

But it seems that Google is into everything these days... revolutionizing mobile phones, mapping the universe, digitizing the world... and the list goes on. There seems to be nothing too small or too big this company won't tackle, whether it be the latest lightening fast search with Google Instant which could wipe out any online search competitors or the Android Platform which could do the same for mobile computing. Google is indeed on a winning streak.

Google was started by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998, stemming from a research project nicknamed "BackRub", at Stanford University. It was simply a better way of using backlinks to form a PageRank system to list the web's contents. From this modest start in a friend's garage in Menlo Park, California - Google grew to become the supreme search engine on the web. The name was taken from "googol" which refers to 1 followed by one hundred zeros. And since its first IPO (initial public offering) on August 19, 2004, Google has become a multi-billion dollar company and a force to be reckon with on the web and around the world.

There is just no denying Google's presence in our daily lives and that presence is becoming more and more godlike. It is simply everywhere and controls many aspects of our daily routine and if you don't believe that, just ask yourself, can you remember just one day when you HAVEN'T used Google? Or one of its many products such as YouTube, Android, Google Maps, Google Chrome, Google Docs... and the list goes on.

Google has almost achieved omnipotent powers on the Internet, controlling and dictating what web users see and find. It is the most dominant search engine and its reach is growing even stronger despite the recent union of Bing and Yahoo. Maybe some day it will have challengers, but for now it rules supreme on the web, as any webmaster or online marketer will gladly tell you, especially those who have come into disfavor with the online search giant and felt its devastating power.

Some experts have stated FaceBook with its own open graph system could possibly pose a challenge to Google in the search engine marketplace and elsewhere. Facebook does have the numbers to demonstrate this viewpoint is not totally foolish and Facebook may prove to be Google's nemeses in the foreseeable future, especially as more and more people use this social networking site.

However, for now, Google is king of online search and any webmaster must heed that fact or suffer the consequences. For those individuals who have mastered SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and reaped the benefits, Google is seen as a very just god; although one could only hope that Google would indeed have more godlike powers and truly see how organic search is being manipulated and corrupted by link buying, domain stuffing and keyword spamming.

Even against this somewhat tainted backdrop, Google simply does "online search" better than anything else on the web. Perhaps the future of Google is what worries many people, especially online marketers and webmasters who have their own stake in the web. Will Google become so overpowering that it will leave few alternatives, will these webmasters have to deal with Google or else? Will you have to play by Google's rules and on Google's terms, or it's game over before you even get started. That power, that control, that supremacy... does indeed leave one wondering who died and made Google God?


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