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Alienware Gaming Rigs Gets Bigfoot
Killer Wireless-N Adapters

Alienware Laptops Offers Gets Bigfoot Killer Adapters

Good News For Gamers - Especially Online Gamers

Alienware is adding the powerful fast "Bigfoot Killer Wireless-N Adapters" to its latest gaming laptop computers such as the popular M18x, M17x, M14x and M11x. This is significant because these network adapters offer much higher wireless networking speeds with data rates up to 450Mbps(i).

This fast and intelligent delivery of data will result in fewer video interruptions and perfect audio and video conferencing or in our case, uninterrupted gaming and a lot less swearing.

Bigfoot Networks has a long history of offering top quality products and these are well suited for the high-end gaming rigs like those offered by Alienware.

In a recent Press Release, the reason for this latest addition/improvement was stated:

"We are excited to be partnering with Bigfoot Networks in being the first company to offer its high-performance Killer Wireless-N 1103 network adapters across our entire line of high-performance gaming laptops," said Frank Azor, Alienware Product Planning Director. "With impressive online networking performance enhancements and Bigfoot's exclusive Advanced Stream Detect(TM) technology, these new Killer Wireless-based devices will ensure our customers have the ultimate online gaming and HD video streaming experience."

As most gamers know, a lot of data has to be handled in the most modern video games and having a high-performance wireless network adapter will make for smoother gaming. Besides, a lot of gaming is not now done online and a powerful adapter is needed to stream all that data smoothly, without interruptions.

Of course, gamers will probably have to pay extra for these more powerful Bigfoot Killer Wireless-N Adapters.

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