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Marlon Sanders' Info-Product Dashboard Review

Marlon Sanders' Info-Product Dashboard (Marketing Product Review)

  • Copyright © 2007 Titus Hoskins
  • Info-Product Dashboard is the latest marketing product released by well-known online marketer Marlon Sanders. It's an easy "Point n Click" system of producing your info product in as little as 6 weeks, faster if you already know your way around the Internet marketing arena.

    Once you purchase Marlon's Info-Product Dashboard you are given access to the online site where you can use the Dashboard and download all the related files and information. Each week has 6 steps and there is an Audio Overview for each week. You also get some bonuses such as access to an online forum, a PDF guide on how to set-up audio recordings and MovieMaker Tips and Tricks.

    At first glance, the Info-Product Dashboard looks deceptively simple but there's a wealth of information as you click on each item. Valuable information and knowledge that comes from a successful marketer such as Marlon Sanders, who has produced some best-selling info products... Amazing Formula, Design Dashboard, Cash Like Clockwork to mention just a few.

    In this newest product, following each step will give you a sound foundation for creating your own information product. It will start you from the very beginning with help on finding your topic or targeted market for your info product to guiding you through the steps for creating your actual product and then through all the steps to getting your product up and running on the web or in the marketplace.

    Perhaps one of its strongest drawing cards is the simple "Point n Click" Dashboard system Marlon is using here. This product is easy to access and very easy to absorb in neat little modules... which can be quickly accessed as you go along or as you need them.

    Plus, you are getting sound marketing advice from someone who knows his stuff. This sound advice will get you started on the right track and will help you avoid certain pitfalls.

    I found the material very useful, even though it is geared to the newbie or beginning marketer, it proved helpful even to someone like myself who has more then a few marketing years under their belts.

    No doubt the newbie or beginning marketer is the intended or targeted market here since most seasoned pros would probably know most of this material already. However, I did find a few tidbits of information and resources that will save me a lot of time in the coming years.

    If you ever wanted to create your own info-product then Marlon Sanders' Dashboard will make your job a little easier. It will point you in the right direction and give you all the processes you have to do to accomplish your task.

    However, don't make the mistake that this product will actually write your info-product for you - it won't. Actually it is geared more to the audio/video product line rather than an ebook format, which is probably more beneficial in the long term because most marketing products these days are now released in the more popular video/audio format.

    Even when using video or audio you still have to do a lot of hard work yourself, but the Info-product Dashboard will give you all the directions and guidance you need to make that work possible. Just don't expect to buy this product and have your own info-product created by tomorrow. It does take time to produce a high quality professional product that people will put down their hard earned cash to buy.

    Keep in mind, depending on your own resources you have available, you might even have to purchase other programs or materials such as graphics, web design, transcribing services... to get your info product off the ground. It should also be mentioned that Marlon does a good job of pointing you to many free programs and sites that will do many of the tasks mentioned in the Dashboard.

    Overall, Marlon Sanders' Info-Product Dashboard is a great "Point n Click" system for acquiring all the knowledge and steps you need to produce your own professional info product. If you ever wanted to join and take advantage of the vast online marketplace with a product of your own, then this Info-Product Dashboard was especially designed for you.


    The author is a full-time online marketer who has numerous websites, including two sites on Internet marketing. Copyright © 2007 Titus Hoskins.

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