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... Windows XP Tablet PC Edition

Windows XP Professional gives you more options than Windows XP Home Edition - mainly better remote access, and security, as well as performance, manageability and multi-lingual features, geared to operating a business.

It should be noted there are Four versions of Windows XP:

Windows XP Professional - mainly designed for businesses.

Windows XP Home Edition - mainly for the personal enjoyment of your PC - digital photographs, music and surfing the web.

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition - special Tablet version of Windows XP for Tablet Notebooks, mainly dealing with handwriting applications and recognition. Great for taking notes with a digital pen.

Windows XP Media Center Edition - notebooks and laptops are becoming multi-media powerhouses, this Windows version lets you enjoy DVDs, CDs, video, pictures, and TV through your notebook or computer. If you like visuals and graphics - go with this version.

Tip - If you're still wondering which Version of Windows XP you should have on your notebook computer - Check out Microsoft's own Comparsion Page on which edition you should buy: Windows XP - Home or Professional?

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