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Tablet PCs are the smallest group of Notebooks. Laptops or Notebooks come in all shapes and sizes; to make your job easier, they have been classified into different groups; here's a quick rundown:

Tablet PC (smallest) Size of a paper tablet or notepad, less than 3 pounds.

Ultra Portable (small) <11" x <10" Less than 1.3 inches thick, less than 4 pounds.

Thin and Light (mid-size) 11-14" x <11" 1 to 1.4 inches thick, from 5 to 7 pounds.

Desktop Replacements (largest) >13" x >11" More than 1.5 inches, more than 7 pounds and up

Tablet PC - If size and weight is a problem for you - you just won't or can't carry around anything weighting over 2 or 3 pounds then you should consider the extremely lightweight Tablet PC. It's the lightest PC you will find.

These have a niche all their own and is very suited for "road warriors" and "corridor warriors". You get a fully equipped PC in the form of a letter sized notepad that you can carry to meetings. Some have special digital pens that you can write with - very practical for students, salespeople, teachers, researchers, engineers, health related workers, and other people who find a notebook too cumbersome in a meeting or office setting.

Tablet PC can come in two designs - 'Convertible' and 'Slate' Models.

In the 'convertible' model - a small tablet-sized screen folds over like a notebook with an integrated keyboard and in the 'slate' model - the screen can be removed from the keyboard. Most models carry Windows XP Tablet PC Edition.

All the major companies such as Hewlett Packard, Fujitsu, Toshiba and Acer...produce Tablet PC's.

In recent years, Apple has made a big splash in the Tablet market with different versions of its very popular iPad Tablets. While not exactly a PC or regular computer, the iPad is more of an entertainment based device.

But the iPad should not be confused for a fully functioning Tablet PC - you can view the difference in this YouTube video entitled:

"ASUS EP121 Eee Slate Windows 7 Tablet PC - Part One - iPad Comparisons"

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