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Frontside Bus - In computers, a bus is a collection of wires that transmit data from one part of a computer to another section. All buses on your computer have two parts; a data bus and an address bus. One transfers data and the other tells where that information should go.

Internal buses connects all your computer notebook components to the CPU (processor) and main memory on your motherboard.

There can also be an expansion bus that lets other expansion boards to access the memory and CPU.

The size of the bus is important because it will determine how much data can be transmitted, a 32-bit bus is better than a 16-bit bus.

Each bus also has a clock speed measured in MHz (megahertz = one million cycles per second). A faster bus will give you faster applications and computing. Every bus has a clock speed measured in MHz. A fast bus allows data to be transferred faster, which makes applications run faster.

It can also be known as the system bus, memory bus, host bus or local bus.

Outside the computer, in a network, the bus is the main cable that connects all devices to one LAN or local-area network. Often called the backbone.

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