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... Ethernet

Ethernet is simply building a computer network using shared cabling which connects different PCs together. Also known as LAN - Local Area Network.

It gets it's rather odd name from the false idea that electromagnetic radiation flowed thru ether.

Many schools, companies and organizations have ethernet networks.

Further details on Ethernet:

The architecture for LAN was created in 1976 by Intel, Xerox and DEC. These first system only had 10 Mbps rates of data transfer and this is (more or less) the IEEE 802.3 standard. Much newer and faster versions have been created in recent years - 100Base-T or Fast Ethernet with rates of transfer at 100 Mbps.

Not to be outdone, much newer LAN systems have rates of 1 gigabit per second and is known as Gigabit Ethernet.

Here's a very handy YouTube video further explaining:

What is the Ethernet?

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