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Desktop Replacements are the 'largest' group of Notebooks. Laptops or Notebooks come in all shapes and sizes; to make your job easier, they have been classified into different groups; here's a quick rundown:

Tablet PC (smallest) Size of a paper tablet or notepad, less than 3 pounds.

UltraPortable (small) <11" x <10" Less than 1.3 inches thick, less than 4 pounds.

Thin and Light (mid-size) 11-14" x <11" 1 to 1.4 inches thick, from 5 to 7 pounds.

Desktop Replacements (largest) >13" x >11" More than 1.5 inches, more than 7 pounds and up

Growing in popularity as these desktop replacement computers now offer most if not all the functions of your regular desktop PC plus with the addition of portability.

Worth considering before you purchase your next PC. Especially if you just want a portable PC to move around in your home - from room to room. Or the cottage!

Multimedia seems to be a hot trend in personal computers. Notebooks are starting to integrate Microsoft's XP Media Center into their systems. Just look at the new HP Pavilion zd8060us with it's 17 inch monitor - it's a TV set, PVR, DVD player, stereo, and last but not least a computer!

However; the major drawback - these systems are not suitable for extensive traveling. Since most weight in at over 10 - 12 pounds; sitting with these in your lap for any extended period of time will be slightly uncomfortable.

Here's a very informative YouTube explaining the different types of laptops.

"Desktop Replacement Laptop VS. Notebook VS. Netbook VS. Smartbook"

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