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*Dell Latitude X300


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The Dell's Latitude X300, coming in at just under 3 pounds, is light-weight and very fast. This device features the Pentium M 738 (1.4 GHz) processor and instead of the usual 256MB RAM found in most similar notebooks - it has double the RAM (640MB) - maybe this explains why it's so fast.

This Dell notebook computer has an excellent keyboard and a good 12.1" LCD Display with Intel Extreme 2 integrated graphics.

The major drawbacks of the Latitude X300 would be the lack of an internal optical drive and poor battery life. Making a purchase of the MediaBase docking station almost mandatory if you want extra battery life and you want to experience the full functions of this very good little ultra-light notebook.

It does have a handy external power gauge that lets you test the remaining battery life without turning on the device. It also features a FireWire port and an SD Card slot.

Microsoft Windows XP Professional and a 3 years warranty is included. Good Dell service and support.

Battery Life: 2.5 hours

Size: 9.2" Width X 8.7" Height X 1.1" Depth @ 3 pounds

Cons: Poor battery life, lacks an intergrated optical drive.

Pros: Great screen and keyboard, very fast and light-weight, extremely versatile when combined with the MediaBase Dock.

Conclusion: Buying the Latitude X300 and its MediaBase Dock will provide a versatile, full functioned notebook that's ultra light and very fast. Worth considering by any mobile professional out there.

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Dell Latitude X300

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Dell Latitude X300

...Listed are some online Stores to buy the Dell Latitude X300. Most of these have Daily Updated Prices so it's best to visit these sites and shop around. Watch out for Special Shopping Cart Deals! But don't go for the cheapest price - also check out the customer service and support.

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    Basic specs for Dell Latitude X300 -

    • Processor- Intel Pentium M (1.2 GHz)
    • Hard drive- 40 GB IDE (Parallel ATA Hard Drive)
    • RAM - 640 MB DDR SDRAM
    • Input device- Keyboard, Touchpad
    • Weight- 2.9 lbs
    • Video RAM installed- 64 MB
    • Dimensions - 9.2 in x 8.7 in x 1.1 in
    • Display- 12.1 TFT active matrix Display
    • Max resolution- 1024 x 768
    • Networking type- Network adapter
    • Modem- 56 Kbps Fax/modem
    • Battery installed- 1 Lithium ion
    • Battery Life - 2.5 hours
    • Windows XP Professional
    • Service & support type- 3 years warranty
    • ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK THE EXACT SPECS -with dealer- Before you BUY!

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