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Benchmark Testing. Whole range of standard benchmark tests for testing the performance level of your computer. Almost any task on your computer can be measured and compared with results from other computers.

These performance tests allow you to objectly benchmark your PC. Speed tests on the CPU can include Mathematical operations, encryption, compression, etc. on your computer. Your CD/DVD drives can also be tested, along with memory.

You can buy Benchmark Testing Software and test your own notebook or PC.

For gamers, 3D graphics tests are important because they will give some indication whether or not a computer can handle the latest video games.

Obviously, Benchmark Testing is a form of "comparison testing" to determine the performance level of your laptop or computer.

There are numerous kinds of tests which can be used, for example we have the Cinebench Test for 3D Games. You can also test your laptop or computer for such things as image-processing in the Adobe Photoshop CS3 test or another example would be an encoding test for Apple iTunes.

Many gaming laptop review sites pick popular video games such as F.E.A.R. or Quake 4 to test different benchmarks to see how the featured laptop or system performs in a particular game.

Benchmark Testing will provide some solid proof that a laptop or computer is worth the money and will perform the tasks you call upon it to do.

To discover more about Benchmark Testing simply view the YouTube Video on "3-Way SLi Crysis Gameplay 1920x1200 Very High"

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