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Finding an appropriate gift for the boss can sometimes be a big job. Finding the right boss gift is not easy. He or she is someone you can't afford to offend. So you must give some thought to finding the perfect gift.

One of the best ways to approach this situation is to make a quick list of your employer's hobbies. Their likes and dislikes. If you're not sure, just ask some older co-workers and you will quickly have a list of suggestions for your gift.

Take some of the top interests of your boss and find a related gift to suit that interest. Of course, you can also take an easier route - pick a gift that deals directly with business. Here's some boss gift ideas that you may want to consider:

Apple Ipod Corporate Business Gifts

You might want to try a high tech gift like iPod or a Laptop. Apple's new video iPods and small iPod Nano are extremely popular. These can also be laser engraved for that personalized touch. A business laptop or computer are always in style and will be very much appreciated. Prices have also come down so these High Tech Gifts may be affordable even for small companies.

Unique Personalized Executive Business Gifts

Things Remembered

Things Remembered Business Gifts
Quality personalized Business Gifts from Things Remembered. From Personalized Pens to Mother of Pearl Business Card Cases - These High quality items make excellent corporate gifts for any Business. Extra 5% OFF Personalized Gifts at Things Remembered! Use code A253 from 11/15-11/24 to save. Stacks with site promotions. orExtra $5 OFF Your $50 Order of Personalized Gifts at Things Remembered! Use code A277 from 11/15-12/24 to save. Includes personalization fees, stacks with site promotions.

Corporate Gifts

BlackBerry Phonesamazon88g

One more Tech Gift you should consider - The Latest BlackBerry Always makes the perfect Boss Gift... your Boss will really appreciate the BlackBerry 8700c, integrated phone, email client, organizer, and web browser. Price After Special Offers: $149.99

Try to Personlize your Employer's gift - personalized pen sets, sporting goods, business ware... are also popular and will be greatly appreciated.

7 Piece Executive Leather Executive Desk Set


7 Piece, Brown Rustic Leather Executive Desk Set, Blotter, Letter Holder, Memo Holder, Business Card Holder, Pencil Cup, Letter Tray, and Letter Opener.

Engraved Pen Sets

Corporate Business Gifts - Personalized Executive Pens Another simple but practical business gift. High quality Personalized Pens still makes an excellent corporate gift. $15 and up/


Don't forget the old standard - wine. Wine makes a great gift for the boss. Especially for the wine connoisseur. If you boss enjoys wine - consider wine as a gift.

Fine Wine Tote with Your Choice of Wine

Fine Wine Tote with Your Choice of Wine

Just Flowers

Just Flowers Logo

Assorted Spring Flowers -

Just Flowers - Simple but it works! Nothing beats MotherNature. Show your appreciation with the one stable that's always in style - Flowers. $46.99

Office Party Supplies

ShindigZ by Stumps

Throw your Boss a Party with supplies by ShindigZ by Stumps. Plan your next office party with banners, balloons, decorations - most supplies can be personalized for that special occasion. The sure but inevitable office party, happens every year! Get prepared and stock-up on some handy party supplies. Free Shipping On US Orders Over $75. Just enter this code SHIP75CJ.

Books Have Class

 Business Gifts

Business related Books make an excellent gift for the boss. Autographed copies of some of tomorrow's classics makes a supreme boss gift! Don't Blink.

Custom Laptop and Business Laptops -

Rockdirect Notebooks

Business Laptops

Show your Bos what you really think of Him or Her!

High quality business laptops make for excellent boss gifts - especially if you want to show your appreciation for a great leader. Find a whole selection of hand-picked quality notebooks, just click the link for >More Information...


This is just a small sampling of the business gifts for the Boss that you can consider. Other options can be made from the links below.

Choose Wisely!

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