What Is RSS?

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button What Are Those Orange RSS or XML Buttons?

More than likely you have seen these strange looking orange buttons on countless websites and wondered what the heck they were used for? These buttons link to an RSS file that syndicates and updates content on websites. Applications use these files to notifly you when new content is created or updated.

What is RSS?

RSS is a syndication standard that websites use to syndicate their content. The original acronym stood for 'Rich Site Summary'. However, that meaning has now been replaced by the major benefit of RSS which is 'Really Simple Syndication'. Most people today refer to RSS by this meaning.

RSS is just basic hypertext code like xml or html. It was first introduced by Dave Winer from www.userland.com and the Scripting News.

RSS Feeds were first used mainly by news organizations to syndicate their content. Nowadays, RSS is usually associated with blogs or blogging because Blogs use RSS Feeds to mass circulate their content. Usually, an RSS Feed will consist of Headlines and Snippets of information with links linking back to a blog or website. Some RSS Feeds contain the full body of content.

Once you are subscribed to an RSS Feed, you will be automatically updated as new information comes online. It's a very practical and convenient way to stay informed on all your different areas of interest.

How Do I Use RSS?

In order to access an RSS Feed you will need an RSS Feed reader or aggregator. Some common ones are Feeddemon, Newsgator...

Another popular way to access and read RSS Feeds is through sites like MyYahoo or MyMSN. Just press the MyYahoo button and you will be automatically subscribed to that site.

Some browsers now come with an RSS feature or function - such as the increasingly popular Mozilla Firefox Browse has a 'live bookmark' feature that will keep you up to date on all your bookmarked sites.

Microsoft said in its Longhorn statement - the next version of Windows will have RSS. Webmasters should make sure their website is ready for RSS before this happens!

More Information On RSS...

To get more information you can click here: RSS Tutorial or you can download this simple RSS and Blog Guide.

In addition, Ken Evoy of SiteBuildIt fame, has written an excellent guide to RSS - you can find it Here.

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