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Google Marketing Tactics

Google is more than a search engine! With the advent of Adsense and Adwords it has turned into an excellent source of income for many webmasters and online marketers.

Anyone marketing on the web cannot ignore the Google Cash Factor.

Smart marketers are exploiting the Google Cash Factor - taking full advantage of the income streams directly linked to Google.

Even ordinary webmasters and site owners are taking advantage of the Google Adsense/Adwords and earning extra cash.

You should too!

Google has emerged as the Top Search Engine. A number #1 listing in Google can mean a significant increase in revenue for Webmasters and Marketers - it can play a large factor in their and your bottom line.

This can be seen in the havoc the so-called 'Florida Update' caused a while back. It meant the sudden lost of First Place Rankings for many marketers - resulting in the lost of tens of thousands of dollars.

These savvy marketers knew the importance of Google in their online marketing and scrambled to regain their Top Positions. They also knew it can make or break their online business.

Keywords are words or phrases searchers type into Google Search - if you have a site optimized for these keywords + you have the Google Adsense Code on your page - you will receive a percentage each time someone clicks on these ads.

How about you?

Are you taking full advantage of Google? Are your pages or keywords listed on the first page of Google's Searches? Are you profiting from Google?

If the answer is NO!

You should keep reading this file! It might change your perspective on Google and on your marketing.

How to Use this file!

This file contains information, links, resources and experts that will help you take full advantage of these Google Income Streams. Outlined below are some:

*handy tools that will help you exploit Google to it's highest potential.

*simple steps you can take to build revenue streams from Google.

This file is broken down into three different sections for easy reading:

.................How to Get a Top Ranking

.................How to Use Google Adsense

.................How to Use Google Adwords

How to Get a Top Ranking

One Name - Brad Callen!

If you're really new to SEO tactics, another real helpful person you should get to know is Brad Callen. You can even get a trial download of his SEO software SEO Elite - even if you don't purchase his software you will receive his excellent email course 'Seven Days to Massive Traffic' for free. I really increased my Google Rankings just by following the simple steps in Brad's excellent ecourse - you can too.

In my marketing - I have found visitors coming from Google show you much more respect!

Credibility is essential on the net. Having your site listed on the first page of Google adds credibility to your site or product.

Think about this for a moment! We use Google every day to answer questions, give facts, solve problems, etc. - we usually show respect to our 'suppliers of knowledge'- teachers, professors, doctors, grandmothers! Google has gained a large reservoir of respect and credibility in the minds of surfers.

It's only natural for this respect and credibility to be passed along to the sites and products holding TOP positions

I first noticed this factor when visitors from Google searching for 'how to build an opt-in list' almost always signed up to my opt in list building ecourse.

Keywords or very targeted phrases are the most responsive - for example - the phrase 'opt in list building' will deliver a very targeted visitor to this page. 

Your First Objective!

****Pick the Right Keywords****

Use the two links listed above to find high paying keywords that get a decent amount of traffic. How do you know the amount of traffic a keyword receives? Use this Overture Tool that will give you the number of searches made each month and the amount bid for each keyword. https://www.pixelfast.com/overture/- Overture Keyword Tool

Once you have chosen your keywords or phrases - you have to build a site around these keywords - with highly unique content in short (500-600 words) pages. Lots of pages - into the hundreds and thousands. But more on site building in the second section below.

Also listed below are other resources that you will also find helpful or if you're really new to the Internet - you might want to try Brad Callen's free ecourse offered here: SEO Elite

Or try Brad Callen's excellent Keyword Elite ( Its the keyword software the webmaster of this site uses and recommends.)

Click Here To Buy Keyword Elite

Your Second Objective.

Is to get your pages or keywords onto the first page results in Google or the other search engines. Lately, Yahoo and MSN have revamped their Engines so they are also worth considering too.

If you have the time - use the free tools below to help you.

Useful Free Tools or Software to help you get Top Rankings.

  • Google Bar!  Track your PR (Popularity Ranking). This bar will give you Free invaluable information on your site and your competition.

  • https://www.goodkeywords.com - GoodKeywords Free Desktop Software that will give you Good Keywords - ones surfers are actually searching for.

  • https://www.wordtracker.com - WordTrackerThis site will also help you in finding Good Keywords.

  • Link Popularity Check  offers instant, online reports of a site's link popularity rating in 5 top search engines, including Google, AltaVista, MSN, AllTheWeb, and Lycos - No Cost.

  • Search Engine Ranking  offers instant, online reports of web site rankings in 7 top search engines, including Yahoo!, Google, AOL, MSN, AllTheWeb, AltaVista, and Teoma - No Cost.

  • If you Don't have the time.

    If you don't have time or desire to work at getting high rankings you can always pay to get the job done. You can try:

  • SEO Elite   Brad Callen's SEO Elite software will get you that #1 listing for all the major search engines. It automates all the linking chores and makes link building a breeze.

  • No matter which route you take - you should reach your objective.

    Remember our 'Simple Marketing Theory' - Right tools, Right people = Desired Outcome

    How to Use Google Adsense
    One Word - Content

    Before you can use Adsense - you must have; or you must build a high quality 'content' website.

    Content is King. Content is what your visitors are searching for. Information rules. It will put visitors on your site. It will bring customers to your products.

    Find an interest or hobby and design a website around it. It you make 'zero' profit - you will have spent your time exploring a subject you love. And you no doubt will build a high quality content site you will be proud of.

    If you are just starting out choose SBI!

    SiteBuildIt by Ken Evoy - is almost 'fool proof' - you will produce a content filled site! He is highly recommended and has a reputation for 'over delivering' on his products. You can check him out here . Or just do a search in Google if you want further proof.

    He also runs a very professional affiliate program. His 6 Pillar Program is extremely good for the novice marketer. Excellent training, up to date stats, and great marketing materials. Click here to check it out.SBI SiteBuildIt Review

    SBI and Ken Evoy are Highly recommended.

    How Does Adsense Work?

    Google Adsense are text ads that Google places on content webpages. These ads match the content of the webpage. This site uses Adsense.

    You can modify the color scheme and layout of these ads to match your pages. And since the 'ads' match your site's content - they blend seamlessly into your site.

    Google Adsense Rules forbids any discussion of your revenue from these ads so I won't go into any detail.

    But suffice to say - if you have a high quality 'content-filled' site - it would be worth your while to give Adsense a try.

    This is the link:Google Adsense

    Content/SBI/Ken Evoy = Adsense Revenue

    How to Use Google Adwords

    Three Words - Test, Test, Test!

    Adwords is Google's Pay-Per-Click advertising system. Small text box ads are placed on Google Search Result Pages - again these ads match the content of the searches - so you get targeted clicks or visitors to your site or product.

    As the name suggests - you only pay for actual clicks and not impressions.

    How Does Adwords Work?

    You have a product to sell. You need customers. One way to get these targeted customers is to use Adwords.

    You design a small text ad. You bid on a price per click. Your ad is listed on Google pages that match the keyword or keyword phrases you have bid on.

    Click on this link and check out the Adwords site. Click Here.

    How Do You Make a Profit with Adwords?

    With a little capital and a whole lot of knowledge.

    Making money with Adwords or any of the other PPC programs (Overture, FindWhat, Kanoodle, etc.) is not easy.

    It takes a lot of trial and error. It takes a lot of testing.

    If you're just starting with PPC marketing you should check out these products. It will probably save you a lot of cash in the long run - if you learn from some one who's 'been there, done that.'

    One of best ways to learn about any subject is to find some one who has first hand experience. This blog goes into great detail on how to use the PPC programs.

    Useful Free Tools or Software to help you with pay-per-click marketing.

    If you want to save yourself some time and sweat - not to mention some sleepless nights. You can purchase Jeff Alderson's software entitled AdWord Analyzer.

    It will help you discover targeted keywords that have high search volume but little competition. It also points out the supply and demand for your keywords. This software works great with your Google Adwords and Overture campaigns.


    I hope this page has opened your eyes to some degree. Take a closer look at Google Cash. It offers great earning potential for the beginning marketer as well as the seasoned Pro.

    Trying just a few of the tools and experts mentioned in this file can play a major factor in your marketing efforts. Don't overlook or underestimate the Google Factor

    Remember our 'Simple Marketing Theory' - Right tools, Right people = Desired Outcome.

    Go ahead - give it a try.

    Explode your sales by exploiting the Google Cash Factor.

    Don't forget to BookMark this page - This is an open file! As new tools/resources/experts relating to Google Cash become known - they will be listed here. Check back often.

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