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... Google Chromebook

Google Chromebooks are simple devices based on Google Chrome OS. These devices are mainly designed for web applications and offers convenient online storage of your contnet. Your desktop is a simple browser created along the lines of the Google Chrome browser.

Computer makers have to partner with Google in order to create these Chromebooks, so far we have Samsung and Acer.

Chromebooks are actually a form of "Netbook" - the very popular small devices which are intended to keep you connected to the web at all time. Like most netbooks, the Chromebook is lightweight, has long battery life and uses Wi-Fi and/or 3G to connect to the web.

Unlike the regular netbook, the Chromebook has Google backing it with robust online storage and ALL the things which Google can bring to the table. One would expect these Chromebooks to become the fabled "Google Box" - a simple device which places all your countless Google's products at your fingertips.

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