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New Gaming Laptop Articles Released

New Gaming Laptop Articles Released by
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New "Gaming Laptop" articles have been created by to help gamers and the general public get a better understanding of this interesting topic. Laptop technology is changing at a blistering rate and many of these changes can be found in high-performance laptops. Therefore, more information on gaming notebooks was greatly needed.

These informative articles cover all the latest new components and technologies which have made the gaming laptop a viable option, even for the die-hard gamer who has always frowned upon using a laptop for gaming. Mainly because of overheating, noisy fans and upgrading problems - laptops have been viewed as poor machines for gaming. However, with more powerful smaller multi-core processors and top-performing dedicated graphics cards, this narrow view of the gaming laptop is quickly changing.

Also covered in these articles are new trends in gaming notebooks such as Full 3D Gaming and Multi-display gaming such as those seen in the EyeFinity system where gamers can play their games on 3 HD displays hooked up to their laptop. Perhaps the biggest trend is the introduction of Full HP 3D by many of the top brand laptop makers.

The subjects of these articles are reflected in the titles:

New Trends in Gaming Notebooksa>
Is Nvidia Optimus The Future Of Gaming Systems?
Are Alienware Gaming Notebooks Worth Buying?

Plus these helpful articles:

Can 3D Gaming Really Wow Gamers?

Gaming Rigs Goes Mini-Me (Dell Intros Alienware M11x - The World's First Gaming Netbook)

Five Things to Consider Before Buying Gaming Notebooks

Are Alienware Gaming Rigs Worth Buying?

Back to School With Gaming Notebooks!

"I have been covering gaming notebooks for over 8 years," states Titus Hoskins, a former teacher and gaming enthusiast who now runs "Gaming notebook technology has recently leaped ahead with the release of the new Intel Multi-core i3, i5 and i7 processors. Plus, Nvidia and ATI are constantly trying to outdo one another in the graphics department."

Which all means gaming notebooks are becoming more powerful and are almost on par with the gaming Desktop PC, almost. It should be noted some of these custom gaming rigs created by top brands such as Alienware, Falcon, Rockdirect, Origin... are laptops in name only. These monsters can weigh well over 10 pounds and some sport 18" - 20" displays. Resting one of these devices on your lap for any period of time should be classified as a health risk.

Regardless, as gamers demand more portable gaming systems, laptops will only grow in importance, especially now as prices are constantly decreasing. Gaming systems probably have a very bright future and discovering more on this interesting topic is well worth anyone's time, even if you're not a computer gamer. These powerful notebooks have many uses besides gaming and should be considered by anyone wishing to buy a powerful multimedia laptop.


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