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Lenovo Introduces Super Slim All-in-One Desktop & 16-Inch Laptop

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Lenovo Introduces Super Slim All-in-One IdeaCentre A6002 & 16-Inch IdeaPad Y450 Laptop

Lenovo has always been a very innovative company and they have just re-confirmed that fact by introducing some cool new products. Lenovo is going "thin" in a big way. They have slimmed down their latest offerings to provide consumers with some ultra thin computing products with a lot of style. All the while still providing some very unique features like facial recognition and High-Definition entertainment technologies.

Among the latest offerings are:

Three new Idea PCs including the IdeaPad S10 Netbook
A 16-Inch Laptop called the IdeaPad Y450
An the All-in-One desktop PC IdeaCentre A6002

Lenovo IdeaCentre A6002

Lenovo's All-In-One desktop PC will turn a lot of heads as it is very sleek and stylist. The IdeaCentre A600 sports an impressive 21.5 inch frameless display featuring 16:9 for cinema viewing and support for 1920x1080 full HD resolution. There is an integrated speaker system with Dolby® Home Theatre™ and an optional Blu-ray player. There is also a digital TV tuner for watching and recording your favorite TV programs.

For gamers, there's a 4-in-1 optional remote controller which you can use as a VOIP handset to receive phone dalls over the web. Also the remote can function as an air mouse and move the cursor on the screen.

Powering the A600 are Intel® Core™2 Duo processors, with optional ATI Radeon™ graphics with with DirectX10 support, and up to 4GB of fast DDR3 memory for improved multitasking. You also get up to 1TB (1,000GB) of hard drive space. Prices start at around $999 USD.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y650

If laptops are more your game, then Lenovo's 16-Inch widescreen IdeaPad Y650 is only 2.55kg and around one-inch thick. You can config these with up to 500GB of hard drive storage space and up to 4GB of DDR3 memory.

This laptop was designed for High-Definition entertainment with the 16:9 format, latest generation NVIDIA GFX graphics, Dolby® Home Theater™ surround sound with JBL speakers. Prices start at around $1,199 USD.

Netbooks Are All The Rage

The IdeaPad S10 Netbook is Lenovo's offering in the current Netbook line... and they're updating this very popular model with new multi-media and networking tools. Netbooks are perfect for connecting to the web, completing homework, messaging with friends or even making Skype phone calls.

The IdeaPad S10 will include a new feature called "Lenovo Quick Start" where you can quickly access frequently used apps such as web browser, instant messaging tools, Skype and others. You will also have VeriFace™ facial recognition and Lenovo's OneKey™ Rescue System.

All this comes in a handy package with a 10.2-inch LED backlight display, less than a inch thick frame and 1.1 kg weight. Comes in black, white, red or pink. Prices start at $349 USD.

Overall, Lenovo has introduced some very thin and stylest products to keep themselves competitive in today's very hot computer market. These products can only increase Lenovo's standing with PC and Laptop consumers.

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