Top 10 Most Useful Free Internet Marketing Tools

Get more traffic and sales by using these Top 10 Free Internet Marketing Tools

Internet Marketing Site Bizwaremagic Releases Its First YouTube Video

Recently, popular Internet Marketing site, released its first video on its new YouTube channel. The video entitled "Top 10 Most Useful Free Internet Marketing Tools", gives webmasters and online marketers a short list of some of the most effective free tools and programs which can be readily found on the web.

Most of these marketing tools are geared towards SEO and how to get top rankings in the search engines, mainly Google. Most tools will help with gathering information about your own site, as well as your competitor's site. In addition, these tools will also help with acquiring/building quality backlinks and traffic to your site or content. They will also help with analyzing that traffic once it arrives at your site so that any webmaster can make adjustments to increase sales and conversions.

"Many webmasters and marketers might be unaware that there are some extremely good free tools and programs on the web which definitely can make your online marketing much more effective" states Titus Hoskins, a former teacher who now runs Bizwaremagic. "Especially when it comes to Google, the range of free tools and assistance offered by the Big G is quite substantive, to say the least."

Other free marketing tools come from sites or programs which may not be commonly known to some webmasters such as SEOquake, which is a handy Toolbar Application which supplies very useful information about the sites you are browsing. Such helpful SEO factors such as Google PageRank, Alexa Traffic Rank, Number of pages indexed, Age of site and even how much the keyword traffic would be worth if you had to pay for it. All valuable information to know when choosing linking and business partners.

Of course, no set of free marketing tools would be complete without Google Analytics. This program will give any webmaster or marketer a whole array of ways to measure your site's traffic, such as traffic sources, bounce rates, time spent on site, pageviews... plus, Analytics doesn't stop there, it will also give you the tools to test and adjust your marketing to increase your conversion rates and make your site more effective.

These are just the first two programs mentioned in the video, there are many more free marketing tools which webmasters can use to further increase the effectiveness of their site or marketing. You can view the video by clicking this link: Top 10 Most Useful Free Internet Marketing Tools Video

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