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Will WebOS Make HP The Next Microsoft/Apple Wannabe?

Things are really heating up in the computer marketplace, not only is 3D pushing its way to the foreground, but now we have news that HP (Hewlett-Packard) is interested in putting its own operating system in all its computers and laptops... as well as other handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets. Could this be possibly true? Another Microsoft/Apple wannabe?

Actually, considering HP is the world's largest PC maker, this is not a rash move as one would believe at first glance. In fact this new operating system is based on the popular and proven Palm OS mobile operating system, HP acquired Palm in 2010 for around 1.2 Billion.

This is a strategic move for HP and could pay big dividends down the road, especially if this OS proves to be a viable alternative to Microsoft and Apple. Not to mention the 100 billion mobile market which is one lucrative market HP can't afford to ignore, getting just a fraction of those future revenues will firm up not only HP's reputation but more importantly, its bottom line.

We now have four major players in the ongoing and upcoming Mobile OS Wars: Apple's iOS 4 v Google's Android v Windows Phone v HP webOS... how all this will play out will be interesting to watch. Since it seems the whole world is moving to a more "mobile enhanced" environment, not only for our personal interactions but also for most business transactions. Going mobile has become a reality for most of us.

From this viewpoint, HP recent acquisitions and moves, can be perceived as very smart. Moreover, one can easily see this as a company which is growing up and maturing in its own right. While there are still many pitfalls for HP, developing its own brand and reputation in the OS field could give it much more prestige. No doubt, one true test will come when HP releases its TouchPad next summer (2011) which will run webOS 3.0.

However, HP is not stopping just with mobile devices, indications are that they are planning to put its own OS system in all of its future laptops and desktops. This could be seen as more "risky" than HP's movement into the mobile marketplace, will the Windows addicted PC customer respond with open wallets? Weaning that customer off Windows could be a daunting task, even for a major player such as HP.

And what about Apple? Everyone is speculating what a post Steve Jobs Apple will look like or how it will perform? Jobs is the heart and soul of Apple, his lost will not only be truly sad, but could prove devastating for Apple. No doubt, HP corporate decisions were made long before any recent developments, but Apple's misfortune (if it should happen) will open a small window of opportunity.

All this considered and dismissed, HP's own webOS will have to stand on its merit and win/lose customers on its performance. If HP and its new OS can offer a superior computing experience, this whole venture could prove truly beneficial for all involved. Stay tuned, the OS War is just booting up.

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