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The Evergreen Traffic System Review

Evergreen Traffic System

The Evergreen Traffic System Review
Copyright 2008 Titus Hoskins

Getting steady high quality traffic is the main objective for anyone who owns a website. In most cases, it is the first and only stumbling block to building a profitable site. Mainly because if you can get the quality traffic, it is almost impossible not to earn an online income.

However, even reaching 5 or 10 visitors a day is a problem for most sites. Reaching 100 visitors a day seems like a monumental task, especially when you consider you've done everything you're supposed to do - built the perfect site that's optimized for all the search engines, done all your directory submissions and even found a few link partners... yet you're still waiting for the traffic to come your way. The traffic is simply not there.

Just how do you get quality traffic to your site?

This is the basic problem that is tackled in the "Evergreen Traffic System" put forth by Tinu Abayomi-Paul, a well known expert on getting free traffic on the web. Her main website is and to put it pluntly, she knows exactly what she's talking about when it comes to getting free traffic to your site.

Disclaimer: This product review is a little bit biased because I have been following Tinu's site and reading her articles for years. We have even exchanged a few emails as webmasters/marketers with mutual common interests. She simply is an online traffic expert any webmaster worth his/her salt should know.

When Marlon Sanders picked up Tinu's story and started promoting her traffic methods I was more than interested in getting my hands on her Evergreen Traffic product. Not to give away the plot, but Tinu had set up a whole bunch of sites and optimized them for countless keywords in the major search engines. She had built up a steady flow of traffic resulting in thousands of visitors "a day" to her sites.

Nothing extraordinary there, but that's not the full story... because of a personal illness, she had abandoned or left alone most of her sites for over a year - only to discover that the traffic systems she had put into place didn't just die, they still kept getting tons of traffic even though the sites weren't being updated. The traffic was still there. The traffic was still fresh.

Herein lies the title of this info-product promoted by Tinu and Marlon Sanders. This product basically describes the steps Tinu took to create her traffic streams and she shows any webmaster what steps they need to do to get within 100 visitors a day in 30 days for starters.

I was anxious to get my hands on this Evergreen Traffic info-product to see the system Tinu was laying out. I was not disappointed. Tinu has broken down her traffic system into three parts and she uses audio to explain each in detail.

The three major components are:

1. High Profile Article Marketing - This was one of the most informative parts of the product for me. Since I do a lot of article marketing myself, she was spot-on and even takes article marketing a little further than most marketers do - including myself. Something I will have to change in the future.

2. Keyword Focus - Tinu gives you a basic run-down of why keywords are important and HOW to properly use them to get traffic. Again, detailed instructions on how to choose your keywords, how to set them up and what you have to do in order to rank high for all your chosen keywords. Solid advice.

3. Blogging & RSS - This is Tinu's strong card. My own initial interaction with Tinu came from this common RSS topic... her articles on RSS are some of the best you will ever find on the web. RSS is one my major study areas in online marketing but even being familiar with the subject, many of the points Tinu offers were new to me and which I will be putting into my own marketing. She covers all the basics of setting up blogs and RSS feeds; plus some more very advanced stuff you can try.

The whole is more than the parts.

Tinu explains in her Evergreen Traffic product how to "Orchestrate All Three" of these elements in order to turn on the traffic flow. Tinu lays out the steps and gives you sound advice on how to bring all these components into sinc.

The Evergreen Traffic System Product consists of 5 audio MP3s and two PDF files... one of the two was a bonus by Marlon Sanders giving a fast-start guide on the Evergreen System divided into three parts: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

If I were to be very critical, there would be a few things I would point out: I would have appreciated getting a PDF transcript of the complete audio tapes... word for word, rather than the brief outline and relevant links that were given here. It would have fleshed out the product more.

There were a few minor typos in the PDF and some of the sentences were awkward to read. A good clean edit and proofread is called for here, it would add a degree of professionalism that's needed in a paid product, especially one promoted by Marlon Sanders. But I am being "too picky" - what's important here is the marketing techniques and information that will help you get traffic.

I found the audio quality of the tapes not up to the standards you find in these slick marketing products - there were a lot of stops or breaks as if this was heavily edited after it was recorded. However, Tinu herself comes across as a very likeable and very knowledgeable person - she simply knows her stuff and no amount of audio flaws will prevent that from coming through.


The traffic system put forth by Tinu requires a lot of work on your part. You do have to do the keyword research, you do have to write the articles, you do have to write the blog posts, you simply have to do the work in order for this system to work. (Or hire someone to do the work for you!) Just don't expect some simple software program or a few clicks of a button and you instantly receive 100 visitors a day coming to your site. Be realistic if you're thinking about buying this product; there is work involved but the rewards are well worth it.

Unfortunately, since I have been following Tinu for a while most of the material was not new to me - I was already using many of the steps she described to get my own 2000 to 3000 visitors a day to my sites. Many of the steps she suggests, I am already doing. I know they work because I see the proof in my log stats every day.

On one or two points, I didn't agree with Tinu, just small things that had to do with site construction and link formats. The main one being - most experts say you should use the hyphen in your links (as do Tinu) and not to use the underscore. However, I have countless top five keyword rankings in Google using the underscore in my HTML link code. Go figure.

Perpetual Traffic Machine

But I did gain valuable insight into her system and how I can expand on my own marketing efforts to increase my traffic further. While listening to Tinu's advice, I even stopped several times and made changes to my own blogs. No matter which level you're at, this is a product worth having for any webmaster or marketer who wants more traffic. It will get you started on the right path and keep you going until you get the level of traffic you want.

The Evergreen Traffic System will show you step-by -step how to get quality traffic to your site. Using Tinu's system will give you 100 visitors a day to your site if you do the work. Receiving 1000 to 2000 or more visitors a day is within anyone's reach as long as they follow the steps and put in some real sweat equity. Then even if you should take a long vacation or heaven forbid, you should be struck by a serious illness, this quality traffic will still keep coming to your site each and every day for years to come. This is a very reassuring thought indeed.


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