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Will Google Remove Pagination From Their SERPs?

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  • Could Google go with infinite scrolling in their search results, like they now have in Google Image Search? Have all their search results shown on ONE PAGE!

    Speculation is again flying around Google and the outcome of this discussion could have some major implications for all webmasters and especially for SEO. Will Google de-paginate or remove the numbering of pages in their search results? In other words, instead of displaying their results on different numbered pages, could Google be possibly contemplating having their results displayed on one page with infinite scrolling, like they now do in Google Image Search?

    Obviously, having just one page does make more sense when you consider the fact that most people don't click beyond the first page. This would make more results visible and give Google users a much better chance of quickly finding what they're looking for with their search. It would also mean a whole different mind-shift when it comes to placing your site's listing in Google. It could be a real game changer when it comes to search engine optimization and positioning.

    This new Google interface was spotted by Alon Laudon who runs a blog on the "Google System" through Blogspot. He even shows a video of the new test page and how it would work.

    Just as it is now, having an effective eye-catching title and description, will be important. Grabbing a searcher's attention and solving their problem or answering their question will still be paramount, but with results all displayed on one page, your chances of getting that click will become much easier. Right now, that first page in SERPs only has 10 organic listings... having that number increase to 100 or 200 would be a significant shift.

    However, before webmasters and online marketers, become too excited, they should realize there's one word which could quickly put a stop to all this speculation - Adwords. Since Google started, Adwords, the buying and selling of text ads, has been the backbone of the whole Google Empire. These text ads are placed on or in Google search results for lucrative commercial keywords, with the highest bidder getting the top spots. And each page in those SERPs has a group of Adwords text ads displayed on the right side and on the top of the page. How will all this play out, if Google goes with a one-page format?

    Could Google go with a left hand column with the table of contents that remains in place and static as you scroll down the page, like they now do in Google Images? Could Google display the Adwords text ads on the right hand side as you go down the page? Would this be practical or would it even work? Surfers are becoming more sophisticated and such a format change could work, but everyone can be assured Google won't be jeopardizing all those lucrative ad revenues on a system that didn't work for all concerned - both searchers and advertisers.

    Actually, when you really analyze this issue, those are the only two hurdles which come into play. If Google can make its search more convenient and faster for their end-users, they will probably do it only if such a change also keeps their advertisers satisfied. Of course, Google doesn't do anything without some extensive testing and one also has to consider, most search results consists of non-commercial searches, which are not monetized and does not contain any advertising. Although it is very hard to believe Google going with an infinite scrolling system for these searches and then keep the paginated results for their lucrative keyword searches?

    But one has to remember Google Search is constantly changing and today's Google won't be tomorrow's Google. Recently, Google has started using the "Author Markup" system, where you put your author tags in your HTML and links. This is a way for Google to verify web content and display it as originating from one author, regardless of where it is found on the web.

    This could possibly be another important SEO development, especially when you consider Google could display the author's photo right next to their listing in Google. This could significantly increase your number of clicks, especially if an author gains a solid reputation for producing high quality work. It could also be a great tool for branding your name, company or site.

    Now if you combine this "Author Markup" with a one page Google format for search results, things could really get interesting in the land of Google. This is pure speculation for the moment, but webmasters and site owners by quickly adapting to these new possible changes, could increase their Google traffic and be well ahead of the game.

    The author is a full time online affiliate marketer who operates numerous niche sites, as well as two sites on Internet Marketing. If you want to discover more about this topic simply download some Free Marketing Courses. You can find the author's page here: Copyright 2011.

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