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Autoresponders - How They Can Really Benefit Your Online Business?

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  • Unless you have used an autoresponder and experienced its power, you will have no idea just how beneficial this powerful marketing tool can be to your online business. These autoresponders can help you to bring in more traffic, make more sales and build your contact lists - all on autopilot. It truly is amazing how effective these little "virtual answering machines" can be to your marketing.

    Since the advent of the web and online marketing, autoresponders have grown in importance. So much so, that any website without an autoresponder is almost unimaginable. They truly have become the little engines working quietly behind the scenes to make everything happen.

    How Does An Autoresponder Work?

    If you're unfamiliar with autoresponders, maybe a quick explanation would prove helpful, especially if you're new to online marketing. Just as the name suggests, an autoresponder will automatically respond to requests for further information and automatically send out follow-up messages.

    Webmasters and marketers use autoresponders in a number of ways but the most common usage has to do with building your contact or subscriber list. These savvy marketers place simple opt-in forms on all their webpages, visitors can subscribe by giving their contact information to receive daily, weekly or monthly mailings in the form of newsletters, bonus offerings and/or product information.

    Why Are Autoresponders so effective?

    There are serveral reasons but perhaps one of the most important has to do with "sealing the deal" and how using an autoresponder can help you get the sale. Studies have shown that many prospects will usually buy after 5 or 6 follow-ups - online marketers can use these follow-ups to further inform the prospective buyer on all aspects of the service or product they're promoting. This doesn't have to be a "hard sell", but rather helpful neutral information the subscriber wants or needs to make a wise decision.

    Many affiliate marketers give the subscriber or prospective buyers numerous different choices/products, which helps the subscriber pick the one which will most likely to meet their specific needs. Supplying valuable information is the first objective of these follow-ups, selling is just a by-product. In other words, they use autoresponder to "pre-sell" a particular service or product.

    Besides this selling role, another major reason autoresponders are so effective has to do with the crucial role they can play with relationship building. Most successful online marketers will tell you, building a trustful long lasting relationship with a large number of subscribers is one of their most valuable assets. These loyal subscribers and friends can be an excellent marketing resource and a valuable pool to drawn upon time and time again.

    And just not for selling, these subscribers can be a great way to get ideas for new products and services. Many marketers survey their subscribers to find new helpful tools and products to benefit all involved.

    How To Choose An Autoresponder System?

    This is a more difficult question than it seems at first glance, since most hosting service will come with a simple autoresponder attached to their own hosted email system. If you do very little follow-up and building your list is not that important to your site, then you can get away with using these simple autoresponders.

    However, most serious webmasters and marketers, usually set-up a more robust autoresponder system in place to do all their marketing. Now, you have a few choices when it comes to setting up an autoresponder system... you can use a software program such as "Autoresponder Plus" and host your autoresponder on your own server or you can out-source this important task to a third party service.

    Some of the most noted of these autoresponder services include: iConstant, Constant Contact, GetResponse and aWeber. All very reputable companies which can handle your email campaigns and list building. This site has used both GetResponse and aWeber over the years - both are very good services with professionals who make it their job to get your messages to your subscribers.

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