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Solid State Drive SSD Now In Dell XPS Laptops

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Solid State Drive SSD Now In Dell XPS Laptops

Dell has now announced it is making available SSD Solid State Drives in its Dell's XPS M1330 and M1730 laptop models. Your SSD can be super-sized to 256 GB and should give plenty of storage and space for most laptop users - including gamers.

Why is this a Step-Forward for Laptops?

Mainly because Solid-State Drives are generally much faster at getting data than ordinary hard-disk drives. However this new leap forward does come with a hefty price-tag Dell's Samsung SSD 240GB is going for $499.

Apple introduced their 256GB SSD option on the MacBook Pro on January 6, 2009. Alienware (which is owned by Dell) has also been offering one since December 17th. 2008.

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