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Rock Laptops Offers Free Trials Of EVE Online

Rock Goes EVE

Rock or Rockdirect, a leading British and European Gaming laptop maker has announced for the next several months they will be installing 30 Day Free Trials of the popular online space role-playing game - EVE Online.

This will show-case the gaming power of Rock's laptops, which many consider some of the top gaming rips in the world. EVE Online would be a good choice to demo what these gaming machines can do.

“With overlapping audiences, our partnership with Rock is highly synergistic in that rock Notebooks run EVE Online with our graphics turned all the way up, enabling Rock customers to experience the gameplay and art of EVE as it was meant to be,” Magnús Bergsson, CCP's vice president of sales, said in a recent press release. “Through this partnership, both CCP and rock will be able to further expand their audiences. We’re thrilled to work together.”

EVE Online costs around $15 bucks a month - so we not talking about any great deal of change here - but it does introduct buyers to this popular online game and it does high-light the real potential of these Rock gaming notebooks.


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